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Life Changing Testimonials About My Miracle Tea

People have been using this product for everything from soup to nuts for 30+ years! Where had we been that we didn’t know about it?  The truth is that Dr. Miller kept it within his own community in Jackson, Tennessee until the advent of the internet, and is extremely selective about his retail and internet distributors. Even now, Dr. Miller is still at his clinic every day, counseling and guiding people in how to naturally improve their health. Here are testimonials directly from our very own friends and customers here at





Bathroom Had Turned Into A Library ….” Jerry and Mary Lou Nordstrom, Troutdale, Oregon (Drank the tea for 2 years before serving as missionaries in Bulgria.  After returning home, they continue with the tea, loving it just as much now as they did back in 2008.)   “Before discovering MyMiracle Tea our bathroom had turned into a library with both of us spending many hours there. We ordered the tea and experienced wonderful results immediately! We have been using the tea faithfully now for going on a year, and our only problem now is that we don’t get the reading done that we did before we had the tea! Now we are serving a full-time mission for the LDS Church in Bulgaria, and we have been able to enjoy the food and circumstances in a country far from home, and not worry at all about the health situations that others have when they travel! Thank you, Dr. Miller and Carolyn Allen at!

“Another Senior Citizen Loves The Tea …” Dorothy Foote, Blueridge, Georgia: “I‘m 78 and I too had serious constipation problems. The tea took care of that in a hurry. I’ve also lost weight and my husband says I’m a nicer person to be around as the tea provides mental clarity and energy. It’s done so many different things it’s hard to keep track of. It’s really helped with cravings! I’ve encouraged several of my children to join me as well and now they’re also losing weight and feeling better! Some people say $40 is too much, but believe me, I count every penny and would have been happy to spend $50 on this product for what it has done for me and some of my family members!

In addition, I had “water spots” on my eyes that made it feel like I was looking through a cracked windshield. those spots have disappeared! I also learned that the tea is good for rashes and cold sores. So … when I had an accident and tore a piece of skin on my arm on the corner of a piece of furniture, I started dabbing on the tea, and it healed soooo quickly once I did that.



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