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Life Changing Testimonials About My Miracle Tea

Since launching this website back in 2008, many of our customers have become lifetime friends as they continue to purchase, use it, tell us what it has done for them — and share with family and friends!  Now it’s 2019 and we’re humbled to say that these amazing stories just keep coming.  We also have many fine reviews and customers at where you are welcome to read more and purchase.

“Help for Crohn’s Disease…” Lynda Cramer, Rocklin California:  We placed our first order in March of 2010, nearly 10 years ago!  Our daughter, Robyn, was so sick from Crohn’s that we didn’t think she’d be able to graduate from high school.  The tea gave her the strength to start eating better and exercise, so her energy and focus returned! It was a tremendous boost.  We found that it worked better than some of the very pricey meds our doctors wanted us to try, which was another blessing. She graduated and went to college. She learned that as long as she used the tea and watched her diet, she could manage.  The years have gone by. Now it is 2019. She served an 18-month mission for our Church and was far from home and on her own for that.  She then graduated from college!  She is now happily employed as full-time professional, and through it all — as long as she drinks the tea and watches her diet she is pretty much FINE.  We continue to share this with friends and family, especially those who struggle with Crohn’s.  We are so grateful.

“We use this in my wife’s feeding tube for severe constipation after a traumatic brain injury  …” Larry Oakley, Terrell, Texas:  My wife Gladys was severely injured in a car accident in 2006 that left her mentally and physically impaired. She can no longer take anything by mouth. The many medications that she needs leave her severely constipated.  We are so grateful to have learned about this from a Church friend.  I simply put some in her feeding tube, and she is able to have soft, regular BMs several hours later.  This is so easy and has made a huge difference in how we are able to care for her!

“Bathroom Had Turned Into A Library ….” Jerry and Mary Lou Nordstrom, Troutdale, Oregon  Before discovering MyMiracle Tea our bathroom had turned into a library with both of us spending many hours there. We experienced wonderful results immediately! We have been using the tea faithfully now for a long time, and our only problem now is that we don’t get the reading done that we did before we had the tea!  We now share this excellent product with our friends. Thank you, Dr. Miller and Carolyn Allen at!

“In Just 2 Days No More Gas, Burping, Pressure Under Rib Cage …”  Charlotte Williams, Houston Texas:  I am an RN, and have attempted colon cleansing for years with colonics, coffee enemas, Whole Body herbs, PC-123, and MagO7. I have dealt with sickness, even death, on a daily basis for over 30yrs, and understand the importance of a clean colon.I knew the tea was ‘heaven sent’ just by reading about it and reading testimonials. I have been taking the tea for about 2 days. Using the tea and drinking carrot juice I have just about gotten rid of “gallbladder symptons( gas,almost constant burping, pressure under my right rib cage, pain and pressure under my right shoulder blade….)…..some of these symptoms have been lingering for more than a year.—–almost totally healed already. I have also passed parasites, and ‘chunks’ of old debrie. I amazingly feel much better already! I appreciate you, Dr. Miller, and everything about the tea, and am about to buy more.”

“Constipation, Weight Loss and More …” Dorothy Foote, Blueridge, Georgia: “I‘m 78 and I too had serious constipation problems. The tea took care of that in a hurry. I’ve also lost weight and my husband says I’m a nicer person to be around as the tea provides mental clarity and energy. It’s done so many different things it’s hard to keep track of. It’s really helped with cravings! I’ve encouraged several of my children to join me as well and now they’re also losing weight and feeling better! Some people say $40 is too much, but believe me, I count every penny and would have been happy to spend $50 on this product for what it has done for me and some of my family members!

In addition, I had “water spots” on my eyes that made it feel like I was looking through a cracked windshield. those spots have disappeared! I also learned that the tea is good for rashes and cold sores. So … when I had an accident and tore a piece of skin on my arm on the corner of a piece of furniture, I started dabbing on the tea, and it healed soooo quickly once I did that.

“Hereditary Constipation — Resolved At Last!” … Katherine Van Dyck, Montreal, Canada
My sisters and I inherited my mother’s chronic constipation.  She actually died of an impacted bowel that finally just burst. It was terrible.  I was thrilled to discover My Miracle Tea and as long as I use it consistently, I now do very well with regular bowel movements.  Sometimes I need a little bit more help and will eat a half-dozen prunes, but this really has worked for me. The whole world should know about it!”

“My Doctor Says I Have The Colon of A 20-Year Old!” … Scot Proctor, Alpine Utah: I started using this product in 2013. I travel around the world, often in third world countries where water and conditions are not idea. I have not missed a day (using the capsules works best for me) and at my last check-up, my doctor delighted me with the condition of my colon health.  I could not be more pleased and will continue with this product throughout my life. It has greatly benefitted my family as well.

“I’d Been Searching For A Lifetime” … Darla Isackson, Draper Utah:  When I saw this product in 2010, I thought … “Well, you’ve been searching for help for stomach and constipation all your life. What’s one more product to at least try?” I’m in my 60’s and had a serious accident as a toddler that compromised my entire gut health — for my entire life!  I bumped into my mother as a busy 2-year old who was holding a pan of scalding milk.   It spilled onto me and burned me severely. I nearly died.  Antibiotics saved me, but they destroyed my digestive health, and throughout my life, I’ve tried absolutely everything! To my delight and surprise, this product WORKS LIKE NOTHING ELSE!  I’ve gone off of it a time or two to see if it was really the tea, or something in my system that had changed — but invariably I found out that IT IS THE TEA and I will never be without it.”

2019 Update on Darla:  Darla passed away from cancer in September of 2019.  It was a very peaceful passing and she used the tea right until the end to help with the side effects of the drugs.  She believes it gave her a longer, healthier and happier life with the weaknesses she had from that childhood trauma to her body.

“My Doctor Was Wrong — I Avoided A Colostomy!” … Pauline M., Manchester New Hampshire:  After a lifetime of difficulties with my bowels, my doctor decided I needed to have a piece of my colon surgically removed — and eventually a full colostomy.  He told me that without it, I  would never have normal bowel movements again.  I was told I would need medication and laxatives to achieve any results at all. After hearing abou the tea I begged him to hold off for a few months.  To my joy and his shock, after getting started on the tea not only did I NOT have to take any medications, I became more regular than at any time in my life!”

 “Helps Side Effects of Prescription Drugs” … Sharon Beyler, Arizona:  I had to go on Metformin to control diabetes. I have noticed that as long as I drink MyMiracle Tea I do not suffer the side affects of cramping and diarrhea. If I forget to drink my Miracle Tea,within 2-3 days I will suffer those side affects and am reminded that I forgot!”

“150 Pounds Weight Loss and Health — Yes, Please!” …  Rebecca Dooley, Missouri:  I had 150 pounds to lose and was already making important changes to my health habits when I discovered My Miracle Tea.  I used it and the “Youthin” products to eventually lose all that weight. I continued with the tea after the weight loss as it just makes such a difference for how your body functions and feels!

“Post Surgery Help”… Ruth Allen, Utah  I had also purchased the tea for constipation, and really experienced a lovely, nice cleansing.  I had a number of health problems and a couple of them required surgery.  In the past, I had had significant difficulty getting my bowels moving after the anesthesia, change in diet, all that medication, etc., but this time — thank you so much! — my system just naturally started moving on its own.  I couldn’t be more pleased.”

At Last!  Constipation Problem Solved for Teenage Son Wth Spina Bifida …” Celesta Virgin, Utah: My 15 year old son has Spina Bifida. Among the challenges of this condition is chronic constipation. Although I had originally purchased the tea for weight loss,when I learned it was helpful for constipation, we tried it with him.. At long last — a solution to this problem! We had tried so many, many things throughout the years We are so happy. It is easy for him to take, extremely gentle, yet so incredibly effective.”

“Constipation Relief  and My Canker Sores are Gone! Hayfever Relief Too! …” Rhoda Hughes, Oklahoma : I also bought the tea for weight loss and constipation, but to my great joy found the most effective relief I had ever experienced with hay fever. It’s just GONE. Living in Oklahoma, there’s pollen everywhere, and to have found a solution to this is truly a blessing.”

“Help After Heart Transplant Surgery — Help with Required Drugs” … Nathan and JoAnn Howard, Washington:
We first heard about My Miracle Tea from a friend  who had had a excellent health improvement with the tea.

I am a heart transplant of fifteen years and have the luxury of blaming headaches and other physical or character flaws on immune suppressants (anti-rejection meds). I’m kidding a little, but just like many folks who take medications, there indeed are side effects to make life complicated.

Our first week drinking 6 oz of tea, twice a day, and a swallow with lunch or snacks produced immediate cleanse results. I didn’t get my “normal” weekly headache, and I had much more energy. I arose at 5:30 to 6:00 a.m., and exercised and started my projects for the day. The common once per day toilet turned to three to four, and I lost two to three pounds (167 to 164).

I started playing on the church softball team—having retired from sports two years ago at the age of 63. I’m pitching with the team, enjoying playing with sons and grandsons again. In two weeks my strength and endurance increased notably.

When I was getting serious headaches, I took a pain killer, which stopped the bowels for a couple of days—nor more of this since drinking My Miracle Tea.

I was not sleeping well before, would be up many early morning hours with stomach gas and rapid heart rate. That has gone away for the most part, and I’m sleeping through the night. There have been a few days when I’ve felt sluggish. I increased the tea to 8 oz twice per day and cleaned out more junk than was proportional to my eating . . . then back to the “feel energetic” phase.

Our eating habits are good, “fit for life” type style. Proportions are now smaller and we have little desire for sweets.

One side effect of my meds is wart growth. I had some on my face that found a home. Since being on the tea the warts have dried up the blemishes, tightened skin and improved mental clarity. I worry less and stress and anxiety are virtually no longer an issue.

We still take several supplements, smoothies, etc., that has not changed. Sure, it’s probable that we are deriving more benefit from them due to the cleansing.

We used to schedule a yearly colonic; now we do not need that extra expense. Drinking thet ea does not replace the need to apply all the health practices we are inspired to do, and have been instructed to do by health practitioners and by common sense. Exercise, drinking 6-8 glasses of water, eliminating white sugar, flour and red meats are an ongoing part of our lives. My Miracle Tea is not meant to be an antidote for poisons we put in our bodies.

There are no side effects nor adverse reactions that we know of. It is, in my experience, compatible with all meds, and I assume that many users have eliminated the use of much of the drugs in their lives as their health improved from daily My MIracle Tea consumption.

Flatter Stomach, Less Lactic Acid, More Energy, Happier!”…  Marlise Kalbees-Cook:  Approximately 6 weeks ago I started taking the tea daily. I did not change ANY of my normal daily rituals including exercising, vitamins and food intake.

In the first 2 days I lost 5 pounds and had a bit of (not uncomfortable) elimination, then things were back to normal. 3 weeks later I realized that I had more energy, felt happier, was more relaxed and the belly bulge was slightly decreasing in size. 3 more weeks (total of 6 weeks) later, I certainly am happier, have more energy and the belly bulge has decreased a bit more along with some of the fat I was and carrying all over my body.

Previously I had always had a flat stomach, (you know in men it’s the beer belly in women it’s just a big stomach) when the belly started to appear 5 years ago, exercise and diet did nothing to decrease the size. I was very frustrated and had no idea what to do to decrease its size and it seemed to keep slowly growing. Now I can button and zip my pants and can’t wait to arrive at the next smaller size, Yahoo!! I can visually see a slight decrease in body fat all over.

I went to my massage therapist yesterday and she was absolutely amazed that the lactic acid I always had in my back was literally gone; and the deep massaging for my tied up muscles from horseback riding daily was 75% less pain full. All due to the considerably less toxins in my body My prayer is for my family, friends and friends of friends to all benefit from this miracle herb detox.

Help for menopause and rashes…” Tracy K: I have now been using this tea for two weeks and the improvements in my overall health have been dramatic. My menopause symptoms have all disappeared! No more hot flashes, night sweats, inability to sleep all night, irritability problems…nothing! That alone has been a significant improvement in my life! I have suffered for many years with rashes on my hands and every time that I make strawberry jam my hands break out with an unsightly rash that lasts for weeks BUT after using the tea for two weeks it seems that strawberries have no effect on my hands any longer! The skin on my hands feels as soft as silk and there are no rashes any where.

“I’m a diabetic …” Louise McDonald,  Washington, D.C.: I started the tea on a Saturday night. I was a bit under-the weather on Sunday with the de-tox, but woke up on Monday with a powerful surge of genuine energy. I’m a diabetic and noticed immediately how much better I felt and my blood sugars were more stable. I about wore my husband out with all the things we got done that day! I later had proof in the bathroom that this product was creating a wonderful cleansing different than anything I have ever experienced in my life. I will NOT be without this product ever again. I am so happy and excited about this! I continue to feel just wonderfulI am sharing it with everyone I know, and will be eternally grateful to my dear friend, Barbara Lee for sharing this with me!

“Thought Every 3 Days Was Normal — Help For Fibromyalgia, Cellulite and Liver Spots!” … Barbara DeGoey, Herndon VA:  Within the first few days when I started using this in 2008, I experienced so much relief for constipation.  I had come to believe that every 3 days was good, but now I can go very day. Within several months I noticed more exciting differences. The latest are that the little brown “liver” spots on my hands are fading! And it was my husband that noticed there was a noticeable reduction of cellulite on my thighs! Even the ladies in my water aerobics class noticed.

I suffer with Fibromyalgia and arthritis.  My symptoms are fatigue on a daily basis, dullness of thought and feelings of depression. The tea is really helping with all of this.

Now it is 2019, and I still continue to appreciate the many benefits of My Miracle Tea.  I will NEVER be without it!

“Help For Stomach Pain and Crohn’s”… Jessica C., Dallas TX: I started having stomach problems 3 years ago. The best I can describe it is as the most intense cramping that would come and go at random. I would have good days where they would come and go with relative infrequency allowing me to function almost normally, having to pausing only once in a while. Then there were the bad days. When the problem decided to rear its vicious head I would be almost incapacitated. Spending the day on the couch, fearful to go anywhere and do anything. I went to the doctor many times. I had x-rays, and scopes and medicine which cost 80 dollars a bottle and would last less than a week. I changed my diet, stopping dairy, greasy foods, or anything else I thought might slow down the pain. Nothing helped.

Then I found the tea.  Almost immediately upon starting it, the stomach problems lessened and soon went away.  I could finally function again!  Eventually I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  The tea makes a huge difference with that too! I have found that as long as I am consistent in using the tea, my prescription meds WORK EFFECTIVELY.  If I don’t, there is a noticeable difference in my health!I will never be without it. 


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