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Long-Term Use Of The Tea and More Ways To Increase the Effectiveness

Happy November! Is everything OK with you this week? I heard from a number of people last week that they did know about talcum powder and its toxic dangers related to ovarian cancer and respiratory disorders, as well as those that did not. So I’m glad I shared. Here’s the link again.

I had a great time reviewing two beautiful new books for Veterans Day for Meridian Magazine. CLICK HERE. Every home would be blessed to own these gorgeous coffee-table books, suitable for young and old, to better understand and honor our Vets. God bless America! I especially appreciated the one by Andrea Brett, the entertainer I told you about two weeks ago. Here’s her glorious website:

I’m often asked if our bodies “get used to the tea” … or if there are ways to increase its effectiveness when it doesn’t seem to be working as well. Good news: there are always ways to tweak the tea. Additional health practices listed in my stories and articles day may be just what you need for now or later. I have Dr. Miller’s take on it all as well.

Here’s to a wonderful Autumn weekend!


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Remember the little girl I mentioned last week, with constipation and UTI problems related to it?  Her mom, Jamie Erickson, has published the story on her blog!  CLICK HERE.  (Please note that she calls the product “Vital Avenue.” “Vital Avenue” is the name our sons are using in re-branding the tea, especially for missionaries and travelers.  It is exactly the same as My Miracle Tea.)

I have to say, I kind of cried when I read about little Nora, and seeing that the tea had made a huge difference in her life.  (And of course, her mom’s life as well because it’s so difficult for everyone with these situations.)  Amazing.  If any of you have children or grandchildren struggling with potty training accidents and stomach-aches, this article is the first step to seeing some red-flag signs that indicate possible serious UTI or impacted bowels.  The tea is always the first and easiest way to start addressing these!

I have to share another “mother-daughter” tea experience from my friend Kathryn in Canada.

Kathryn is a senior citizen with a lifetime, inherited history of bowel challenges.  Her mother had terrible bowel problems and experimented with all kinds things to keep her bowels functioning.  (Kathryn has vivid memories about it because her mother’s difficult health was a significant part of daily family life.)

Her mother’s early death was caused directly by her bowels which actually burst with impacted fecal matter.   It was a very untimely, painful death.  (Kathryn says that her mother’s life, and the whole family’s, would have been different with the tea.  This helps you understand our passion for sharing it.)

Kathryn and her sisters inherited the sluggish bowel difficulties and have searched for many years for personal help.  When Kathryn found the tea, she knew she had discovered the golden ticket.  She’s been using the tea ever since.  She is regular and in good shape!

If things do get blocked up, or if she’s on a holiday and doesn’t use it, here’s her secret:  She drinks one cup of warm tea concentrate and 6 prunes.  Not prune juice … prunes. Works like a charm, she says, and I believe her.  The temperature makes sense, as warm water is always better for cleaning (think of any household cleaning process) and loosening than cold water, which sets and hardens things.


Today’s Article

Using The Tea Long-Term

With Kathryn’s story, I’m often asked if your body gets “used” to the tea so that it doesn’t work as well. The answer is, maybe.  It is not a bad idea to take a break from the tea one day a week, or even for a month or so every now and then.  Some people have uninterrupted fantastic results year after year. Others find that their body needs a little “sabbath”  day of rest. A couple of lovely tea friends have sent me letters from health advisors recommending the one-day-off each week.  Another had an herbalist who recommended taking a month or two off every year or so with herbs that you use and plan to use long-term.

I just talked to Dr. Miller about all of this.  He says that when the tea’s effectiveness seems to diminish, it’s time to look at your DIET.  “Overeating, especially too much meat, can make a big difference in how the tea works,” he says.  “A healthy diet has a lot to do with how well the tea works!  If the tea isn’t working, it’s because they may have changed their diet.”

Question: When you DO use the tea over a long-extended period time, as in year after year, are there any downsides?

Answer:  Your body will NOT become “addicted’ or “dependent” in any way. It will just return to however it was before.

Question: Do you NEED to use the tea year after year?

Answer:  If you touch money, breathe out of doors, wear cosmetics, clean with detergents, touch newsprint, eat packaged food and come into contact with the public,   well, yes!  The tea is like a daily shower or brushing your teeth from the toxins that surround us.

Question:  Anything else?

Answer: Some people, when having a colonoscopy, find that their colons have become somewhat stained and are a dark color.  If this should happen, it is indicative merely of a diet heavy in vegetables.  Think of tea staining your teeth. Your colon is no different, and staining causes no harm or concern.  If your doctor asks, just tell him that it is an herbal product.  This happened to Bob, (but not to me) so it’s hard to say what your body’s response will be.  Our colonoscopies were so excellent that our doctors agreed “CONTINUE, absolutely continue whatever it is you are doing.”

OKAY! More tricks!

1)  Kathryn’s trick: Eat 6 prunes and 1 cup of warm concentrate.

2)  Add the digestive tonic listed in the instructions of the tea package to your health regime.  Dr. Miller tells us that this very closely mimics the body’s digestive enzymes that decrease as we age.  Simply adding this may greatly assist your system.

After a meal and separate from the tea, mix 1 tsp. of baking soda in 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and drink. Be sure to use in a glass that will allow the fizzing.  No, it’s not as tasty as the tea — and once a day or even several times a week will be enough.

3)  Make the tea STRONGER.  I was at Dr. Miller’s clinic recently where he had made a quart of tea concentrate for a woman.  It was very, very dark in the jar.  When I asked he said, “Well, making it with 2 teabags wasn’t working.  So we just kept adding more bags until we found the strength that was right for her. This woman needs 5 bags of tea.”

Whoa.  I was surprised, but the woman walked in and we chatted. She confirmed it all.

4)  TAKE A CAPSULE along with the tea.  For some, this is the added boost you need.


5)  STRENGTHEN YOUR ABDOMINAL MUSCLES. This will, in turn, strengthen the colon.  Yes indeed.  Dr. Miller says that sit-ups, or even laying on a bed (on your back) with your legs hanging over the edge, then doing modified sit-ups will help.

He says you can also just sit in a chair and lift your feet off the floor, using your abs.  Very cool.

6)  MAKE ADDITIONAL TEA WITH USED TEA BAGS.  Simply bring 12 oz of water to a boil on the stove.  Add the used tea bags.  Remove from the heat and let it sit.  It won’t be as dark as usual, but it’s still got potency.  DO NOT DILUTE, but drink it as you would a cup of the tea.

7)  EAT THE USED LEAVES. Yes, continue to use those leaves! Even after making the extra 12 oz of tea as above, you can dry out the leaves, or even eat them wet like a little veggie.  Don’t just throw those bags away!

8) SIP IT THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Some people get more effectiveness from the tea by SIPPING IT THROUGHOUT THE DAY,  rather than a cup all at once, like a slow and gentle drip, into their colon.  That makes sense, doesn’t it?

9) Some people get equal or more effectiveness by drinking the 1/4 cup as a concentrate, like a “blast” that really works its way through their system.  So that’s a good thing to try too.

10)  Make sure you are doing SOME DEEP BREATHING AND SOME BOUNCING on a mini tramp, or just standing with loose knees and bouncing in place.The body’s ability to detox by itself is impressive, but it often still needs some help, especially as we age.  I’ve written numerous articles on the merits of both, and you can read those HERE.

I know that lots of you know these things already, but it’s so easy to forget, and our bodies change!

Have a great weekend and I’ll be back the end of next week!


Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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