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Magnesium: The Missing Link for Health & Calcium

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We have a wonderful distributor of our Herbal Detox in Logan Utah.  Kristen Bowen, the owner and gifted teacher at Living The Good Life Naturally, often starts her lectures with the question:  “Who has a cupboard full of supplements and still you don’t feel good? ” She then teaches them that a clean colon is the foundation of health and that there is nothing like My Miracle Tea to create this clean slate for health.

Why is she so passionate?  Sixteen years ago, with six young children, a failed operation in 1999 left her with daily seizures, life threatening weight loss, hair loss and no control of bodily functions.  She was bedridden for three years.  Doctors could not find out what was wrong and she nearly died.  Her recovery (through the supplements her body needed to heal itself) led to her passion for sharing natural health alternatives and helping other people avoid what she lived through and to help those who are also in difficult places.

Her story … and how MAGNESIUM turned her health around is below, along with a neat little book you can download. This is especially important for anyone, like me, with Osteopersosis.  We hope you’ll make the most of today’s essential health information :0)

I was bedridden for three years, seeking help from countless doctors and medical professionals including Stanford and the Mayo Clinic. Nothing was working and my life was slipping away.

At my lowest point my husband gathered our 6 children to say goodbye. It was pretty hopeless. Then a miracle happened. 

I found a PA  who was willing to look outside of the box. They reworked the surgery.   The seizures stopped. I was still suffering from food and chemical sensitivities. My body function had not returned after the surgery like I had hoped it would. My energy was tanked and I found myself now aware of how sick I had been and feeling frustrated with where I was at.

It was time for me to stop chasing symptoms and start building a strong foundation. Magnesium was the  foundational piece I was missing.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Kristen had no intention of launching a business, but people wanted to KNOW how she had recovered!  God had a plan. When there’s that sense of purpose and mission, nothing can stop it.  And so it has been with Kristen ever since.  She’s an inspiration to us!

Magnesium:  Magic In Minutes eBook

I wish we could have Kristen lecture for us! But,with a prayer, I found an online mini-magazine e-book that will help us all understand the correlation between our health, magesium and how it relates to calcium.  CLICK HERE.

This is all new for me, but personally criticaally important as genetically based Osteoperosis is a full-blown issue for me.  I’ll be 65 next May. I’ve had it for years. It was a big part of my mom’s being bed-ridden the last 5-8 years of her life, so I challenge myself every day with exercise and supplements.

Has anyone ever talked to me about magnesium?  In all these years? Not a whisper.  With the hopes that we can be as strong and healthy and happy as Kristen, not to mention assisting others, I hope you’ll download this little magazine and see if it’s something that is important for you.



Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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