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Mother’s Day Recipes!

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My Mom had so many friends.  She often entertained — even in her latest years — and people treasured her hospitality.  With her in mind and our own children far away, we have a Mother’s Day tradition here in Tennessee to invite single friends whose children also live far away for a Mother’s Day lunch. I’ve included our special recipes below.

(Serves About 6)

We found this recipe when our kids were teenagers, and how they loved it! I’d double the broth just for them to drink it afterwards.  It started out as a Lemon Chicken Soup but that was easy to change when we stopped eating meat.

Now I make the basic soup on the stove.  When entertaining, I also put a couple of pounds of boneless chicken breas ts or tenderloins in the crockpot … no seasoning or water — and cook it on HIGH for about 4 hours before we eat.  I also open a couple of cans of white cannellini beans and heat those on the stovetop before serving.

At serving time, everyone serves the amount of rice, chicken and/or beans into their bowls, and then we ladle the delicious soup on top.

I also put some extra lemon juice on the table for people to add a bit more as desired.

10 Cups of chicken stock (I usually use bouillon cubes)
2 large carrots, peeled and sliced in diagonals
2 stalks of celery, sliced in diagonals
1 large chopped onion
4 eggs
1 cup fresh or frozen green peas (To add at the end)
1/4 cup of lemon juice.
1/4 Cup of Italian seasoning or 1/2 cup fresh parsley

Also Prepare Separately
1 Pot of Rice — we love brown jasmine rice for this!

1-2 Pounds of Chicken Breasts or tenderloins — 1-2 pound s
(Either boiled or in the crockpot, then diced or shredded for serving)

1-2 Cans white cannellini beans, opened, drained and heated.

Combine stock with onions, carrots and celery. Cook until veggies are tender.  Run hot water over the frozen peas to thaw and keep separate.  Mix the 4 eggs and the lemon juice in a measuring cup.

With the soup gently boiling, slowly pour the egg and lemon mixture into the soup.  Stir gently with a fork and ribbons will form — just like egg drop soup.

Add the seasonings and just before serving, add the green peas so they’re not overcooked.

This is DELICIOUS served right from the pot, or the day after when the flavors have had a chance to blend.

Mom’s Jell-O Salad

My mom served Jell-O often and I still love it.  Now we use the sugar-free kind and we enjoy it at holiday dinners. We use the special stemmed dessert cups that belonged to Bob’s mom that make it even more special!  This is what we’ll be making for tomorrow’s meal.

Mom’s Orange Pineapple & Carrot Jell-O Salad
Serves 8

2 Pkgs of Sugar-Free Orange Jell-O
1 small size can crushed pineapple, drained but SAVE THE JUICE!
1 small can Mandarin oranges, drained but SAVE THE JUICE!
1/2 cup grated carrot

Drain the crushed pineapple and Mandarin oranges.  Save the liquid in a 2-cup measuring cup and add cold water and/or ice cubes to make 2 cups.

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil.  Sugar-Free Jell-O doesn’t dissovle that easily, so I’ve found the best way to do it as folows:

Put the boiling wate r into a 4-cup measuring cup.  Open the Jell-O packets and gently and slowly sprinkle into the hot water while briskly stirring with a fork.  Pour into a larger mixing bowl.

Add the cold water/ice cube/fruit juice mixture.  Add the carrots, crushed pineapple  and mandarin oranges.  Place in a pretty bowl or individual dishes to set.

YUM!   We’ll add some hot rolls, then fresh strawberries and angel food cake (for those who want it) for dessert.

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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