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Must See Video: What’s Not Taught in Medical School



Articles:  A Must See Video From Dr. James MacDougall

Happy Summer!  Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning and I hope you’ve got some fun things to look forward to, both for the holiday weekend and the summer.

We are in Utah for a couple of weeks and celebrated our many May family birthdays with a delightful picnic where we got this cute picture of our granddaughter. We’ll be visiting both sets of our parents’ graves on Memorial Day and look forward to that too.  What will you be doing?

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On our long drive to Utah, we listened to some lectures on Youtube that our Vegetarian Supper Club friends had pointed us to.  One, in particular, is too important not to share.  Details are below.

Enjoy, and have a fun safe holiday weekend!  God Bless America!  With all the turmoil in our country over matters large and small, it is good to have a day to remember our soldiers and those who sacrificed so much for us.  We can never thank them enough!


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This week I got a call from Mary in Canada.  “Please send some more Settle Down ASAP!” she said.  Mary and her husband are both 85 and moving to a new location in the next few weeks.  “This is a very big deal for us at our age.  I bought the trial size of the Settle Down with a hope that it would help with all we’ve got going on. It is working so well!  We’re sleeping every night and our big days with all the decisions and stress of packing are going very well too.  We don’t want to run out, so please send this today!”

Another tea friend emailed to say that whenever she feels a UTI coming on, she doubles up on tea, drinking at least a half-cup of concentrate with a little water.  She makes sure she drinks plenty of water throughout the day to continue to keep her urinary tract flushed, and follows it at the end of the day with another big strong dose of tea. “Those UTIs are so painful! This really stops it without the need for a prescription!” she says.

Another tea user called with a difficult situation: Caregiving for both her mother and grandmother has taken a toll on her and she has been hospitalized as well for high blood pressure and stress.  Her doctors have been recommending prescription drug s that just are not working and she is not feeling right either physically or with their approach.  Further research into the medicines they are prescribing has left her very sure that she didn’t want them in her body at all. She knows drinking the tea more regularly is a good place to begin.

She called me for my thoughts.  I stressed again and again that we are not medical professionals, then I pointed her towards the important video below. It is helpful and important to listen to doctors talk to each other — especially when they have life-changing information that other doctors don’t want to talk about:  i.e, nutrition and how it relates to prevention and treatment of many health conditions.

Did you know that nutrition is NOT taught in medical school?  That’s why so few doctors will use it as a starting point for treating chronic illnesses. When doctors DO become aware, it becomes an ethical and career issue.

Am I saying that we don’t need doctors? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But some very critical things that may make a huge difference in our own health, for both now and the future may be up to us to figure out.


A Must-See Video!

Each year I go for routine check-ups.  So far so good, for which I’m most grateful and thank my lucky stars for good genes. But there may be more to it than good genes. The last time, the doctor and his assistant teased me by saying: “So what magic pills are you using for these great stats with your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure? At your age?”

I didn’t realize they were teasing and got a little defensive. “I don’t take anything!”

“We know!” they responded. “That’s why we’re asking!”  As I told them about whole-food plant-based eating and exercising at the gym 30 minutes 4-5 days out of the week, their eyes got big and they listened. “That’s all you do?”

I replied, “Yes. That’s all I do.” Mind you, I’m talking to medical professionals, most of whom at this facility are quite overweight.  It was shocking to me that they seemed quite unaware of it all.

I pointed them to and that my husband and I had given up drinking milk back in 2010, and meat, eggs and cheese (other than in rare small amounts for special occasions) in 2014. We eat this way probably 80-90% of the time and have all the protein we need.

I wish I’d had the video I’m sharing today to point them to as well.  Health pros and all of us need to see it. While Dr. MacDougall might be a little extreme, the overall value of his wildly successful practice and the before-and-after stories of those who have gone to him for treatment speak for themselves.

(More amazing health turnarounds with this eating plan can also be seen at  www.DiscoveringTheWordofWisdom.)

CLICK HERE to listen to Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. John MacDougall (both M.D.s)  talk about their 30-year friendship and swimming against the current of the medical community. They teach us that health starts with food purchased from the grocery store.  It’s amazing and fascinating as they explain how this simple truth is intentionally hidden from us.

Dr. MacDougall’s website is HERE.  People who have adopted his lifestyle call themselves “MacDougallers”.  Once again, we will always-always-always tell you that your own doctor is important too :0)

Have a fun, safe holiday weekend!  We’ll be back next weekend with more Weekly Winners and some interesting information!

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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