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Nutritional Deficiency, Emotions and Mood Disorders


Emotions and Mood Disorders 8_17_2019

Nutritional Deficiency, Emotions and Mood Disorders

About a year and a half ago I was contacted by Dr. Maria Boldry in Colorado.  She is a marvelous healer and naturopathic doctor that we were eventually able to meet in person last year.  She, like Dr. Miller, has created several very unique and very effective herbal products.

When I heard about “Settle Down” I knew I needed it personally and that I had to share it. Since that time a great, great many of you have purchased it (and continue to purchase it) for yourselves, your families and even your pets!

It is proving to be especially helpful for STRESS during the day when life is just too much.  Katy tells us that she takes a SETTLE DOWN before getting on the phone with certain family members to help her with difficult conversations.  Wow.

Another tea friend purchases it for his adult son who is is mentally challenged and becomes overwhelmed at his job.  With the Settle Down, he’s able to function and control his responses to his co-workers.  Double Wow.

Others are purchasing it to have on hand when their partners or children just can’t sleep.  Dr. Maria tells us it is SAFE FOR CHILDREN, even babies and toddlers (just open the capsule and give them a smaller amount. There’s nothing in it that can hurt them.).

For Bob and I? I think there must be something in this great product that helps us on a CELLULAR level!  We took it consistently (Bob took 1 and I took 2 every night) for probably 8-12 months, and then we noticed that we were NOT NEEDING IT! We could just go to sleep and stay asleep!  And go right back to sleep after getting up for the bathroom.

Wow! Now, on occasion when there’s a lot on my mind, I’ll take one or two, but it ‘s very rare now that I can’t just go to sleep! Triple Wow!

Can insomnia and night-time brain chatter be “cured”? Well — for right now, for us IT IS!

As I went back to find the original newsletter about it, I had FORGOTTEN about this important health information and thought you’d like a refresher too!

If you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety, sleeplessness, nervous energy, “brain chatter” ….

Maria explains it all from the body’s physical needs very well.  She says:

The parmaceutical companies are racing to keep up with the demand for mood enhancing medications. Due to the lack of nutrition, which is needed by the body to create brain chemicals, the body struggles to keep all systems running in balance.  Unfortunately, medications are only a “band-aid” and temporary fix for most disorders fo the brain and corresponding organs.  The only restorative measure that can be taken is to increase the level of nutritional elements wihtin the body.

These nutritional elements come by way of nutritionally dense food, and by supplementation.  As the formulator of Settle Down, my goal was to get the body out of fight or flight by shoring up the adrenas with vitamins and also quieting the excessive neural activity in the brain with calming herbs.

Nutritional deficiency is primarily at the root of all mood disorders, focus issues, panic and anxiety disorders, sleeplessness, restlessness, ADD, ADHD, PTSD and Bipolar.

We continue to clap and cheer about as the best place to start eating better for body and mind :0)

The Adrenals

The adrenal glands are extremely important in helping the body deal with stress: be it day-to-day stress or trauma related to stress. A popular phrase that is associated with the adrenal glands is “fight or flight response.”
This simply means that the body is prepared to move, jump, defend, exert, or retreat and run away from any and all situations that seem stressful.
There are certain hormones and chemical messengers that are excreted from these small glands that sit atop our kidneys. These chemical messengers and hormones are important to our survival.

However, an over-production of them can cause the body to become anxious and agitated.

When the body is anxious and agitated, the fight or flight response from the adrenal glands is heightened.

For some people, every thought that carries a sense of danger will cause a fight or flight chemical reaction in their body.  This reaction can be triggered from a perceived fear or a real life circumst ance of dancer.

In a person whose adrenals are overworked or depleted, real and perceived danger can carry the same intensity of fear and can trigger the response to either run away or stand and defend. The constant onslaught of these fears can create episodes of

  • The adrenals are the most over-looked glands of the body in my opinion. It has become even more imperative that we begin a more preventative approach to supporting the very glands that keep us stable during times of stress.Because of the lack of education and information regarding these important glands, I feel our society has become increasingly dependent on prescriptin medications for those who find daily life diccult.  Supporting the adrenal glands while at the same time calming the excessive brain neuron firing, to ward off th fight or flight response, was the sole purpose in the creation of this supplement.

Well, you can read and order it at our website:!

We continue to provide it with free tea as a little way of hoping you’ll try it.  The supplies are limited for immediate shipment, so don’t delay.  But we can always get more :0)

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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