We are sad and sorry about the unavoidable steep increase in the price of the capsules. However, the 1-month and 3-month sizes are available at the old, regular prices!  6 and 12 month bulk discount sizes are not available.  Please scroll down to see all options.

Sorry, no discount on the capsules for our January Fresh Start Offer, but we will include free TEA to tuck away for emergencies and to share with family and friends!


Never run out! Save $5 over the regular monthly price! Cancel anytime. 30 capsules sent every 30 days.
All getting started instructions included.  Free Shipping in 1-2 business days!

One-Month ONE-TIME Purchase CAPSULES
$39.95 BUY NOW

30 capsules and all getting started instructions.
Shelf life is 5-7 years, so when you purchase this, you’ll have plenty
for upcoming trips, etc.

Three-Month 10% OFF CAPSULES
$107.95 BUY NOW

90 capsules total, packaged in 3 units of 30 each.
At this time, only one order per customer per month.