We are sad and sorry about the unavoidable steep increase in the price of the capsules. However, the 1-month and 3-month sizes are available at the old, regular prices!  6 and 12 month bulk discount sizes are not available.  Please scroll down to see all options.

One-Month AUTOSHIP CAPSULES + 1  FREE Tea Package

Never run out! Save $5 over the regular monthly price! Cancel anytime. 30 capsules sent every 30 days.
All getting started instructions included.  Free Shipping in 1-2 business days!

One-Month ONE-TIME Purchase CAPSULES + 1 FREE Tea Package
$39.95 BUY NOW

30 capsules and all getting started instructions.
Shelf life is 5-7 years, so when you purchase this, you’ll have plenty
for upcoming trips, etc.

Three-Month 10% OFF CAPSULES + 2 FREE Tea Packages
$107.95 BUY NOW
90 capsules total, packaged in 3 units of 30 each.
At this time, only one order per customer per month.