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July 4th 2-Week Trial For New Friends: Regularly $11.95 NOW $9.95 + Freebie!

2 individual packages for a full 2-week supply. Includes all getting started instructions + 1 Free Gift-Pack. Limit 2 per address, please.


July 4th 1 Month Supply AUTOSHIP: Regularly $34.95 NOW $31.45 + Freebie!

10% off the regular price!
4 Individual Packages + 1 FREE

Never run out! Save $5 over the regular monthly price! Cancel anytime.

Shipped every 30 days.

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July 4th 1 Month Supply: Regularly $39.95 NOW $35.95 + Freebie!

4 individual packages for a full 28-30 day supply.  One-time only purchase. NOT autoship.
This is 10% off our regular price and includes 1 free 1-week package!

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July 4th 3 Month Supply: Regularly $107.95 NOW $97.15 + 2 Weeks Free!

13 Individual Packages + 2 Freebies!
10% Bulk Discount over the monthly price + 10% July 4th Discount
Equals a 20% discount compared to purchase of a one-month supply.

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July 4th 6-Month Supply: Regularly $174.95 NOW $157.45 + 3 Weeks FREE!

26 Individual Packages + 3 Weeks Free!
25% Regular Bulk Discount + 10% July 4th Discount.
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July 4th 12-Month Supply: Regularly $249.95 NOW $224.95 + 1 Month FREE!

52 Individual Packages + 4 Free = 56 Pkgs.
50% Regular Bulk Discount + 10% July 4 Discount!
Equals A 60% Savings!

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J4 SPECIAL Once-A-Year Offer: Installment Payments For Best Price 12-Month Supply! Only $62.50 Each! Includes 1 Month Free!

Our very special once-a-year offer! Get the best (nearly 50% off the regular monthly price)  + the freebies … but divided into four payment and four shipments of only $62.50 each.  You’ll get a fresh supply every 90 days!

This is especially for  those who love the tea and want to save money, for those who share the tea, and/or for those who have a large family or group that purchases this together!

You can choose tea, capsules or both — and if you find this is not enough for you, you can contact me and we’ll be happy to send additional quarterly orders.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are NEW to this product, please choose the discount trial FIRST and try before you buy this large amount! We will honor the July 4 sales offer through August 15, 2020 for new customers.  Just call or email us :0)

ALSO:  At this great price, please, no early cancellations.  Please plan on purchasing all four of the installments.

BUY NOW FOR $62.50

July 4th Fat Burner – 1 Month Supply Gelcaps: Regularly $39.95 NOW $35.95

60 Gelcaps.  Take twice a day to flush fat, cleanse and nourish the liver! Great for weight loss, skin, nails and hair too. Use with the tea for best results. 10% Off + 1 Free Week Detox Drink!

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July 4 Fat Burner + Detox Drink: $59.95: Includes 2 Extra Free Weeks Detox Drink

One month supply of both fat burners (60 gel capsules) + 4 Week supply of  detox + 2 Weeks Free Detox Drink!
Save $19.95 compared to purchasing individually.

BUY NOW FOR $59.95

July 4th Youthin Weight Loss System 1-Month Supply: Regularly $39.95 NOW $35.95 + 2 Weeks Freebie!

Dr. Miller’s very special 4-component packs include  all-natural 1: metabolism booster, 2: appetite suppressant, 3: fat burner plus 4: super vitamin. Includes instruction and suggested eating and exercise plan for best success!

BUY NOW FOR $35.95

July 4 Youthin Weight Loss System + Detox Drink: $59.95: 1 Month Supply + 2 Free Weeks Detox!

28 Youthin Packets + 4 pkgs. of Detox Drink + 2 Weeks Free Detox Drink! Save Over $19.95 compared to purchasing individually.  Ask us about the autoship option!

Dr. Miller’s very special four component, all-natural weight loss program:

Includes daily 1) fat burner gel cap, 2) powerful multi-vitamin, 3) all-natural metabolism booster and 4) all-natural appetite suppressant. INCLUDES 1 MONTH Detox Drink + 2 July 4 Freebies!

Instructions include our suggested eating plan!  Free gift with every purchase is our weight loss inspiration book.

BUY NOW FOR $59.95