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Newsletter Article Nov 4, 2019

I subscribe to the excellent information for osteoporosis at, a foundation specifically for those with osteoporosis.  Here is their founder, Vivian Goldschmidt MA:

“Our thoughts and ideas about our health have a measurable impact on our physiology, according to a study published in the journal Nature. The results of the study give credence to the idea of “mind over matter” – that our understanding and belief can change our physical selves.

Today we’ll take an in-depth look at this astonishing study, and at how to harness the power of REthinking bone health, authority, and the harm caused by the Medical Establishment’s scare tactics.

How Health Beliefs Change The Body

Researchers at Stanford University conducted a study on a group of 233 participants. They were divided into two groups and given different tests. One group was tested for perceived exertion and running endurance during exercise. The other group was tested for perceived fullness and physiological satiety after food consumption.

Then the individuals were genotyped to determine whether their genetic makeup might influence their performance in the tests. A certain genetic profile might indicate a likelihood of more or less physical endurance during exercise, and satiety when eating.

However, none of the participants were told the actual results of their test. Instead, they were told, at random, that their genes were either “protective” or “high-risk” for the tests they were given. Then the participants were given the same tests again.

The participants’ results shifted in the second test to reflect their genetic “diagnosis” regardless of whether or not that diagnosis was correct. For example, when participants were told that their genes cause them to release more of the hormone that creates the feeling of fullness, their bodies released 2.5 times more of the hormone than they had before they were given that diagnosis. Those participants also ate less because of this physical response. This effect happened regardless of the participants’ actual genetic makeup.1

For the exercise test, a random selection of participants was told that they had poor endurance genes that might make them tire easily. When those participants took the test again, they couldn’t run as long, had reduced lung capacity, and expelled carbon dioxide less effectively. Those who were told they had good endurance genes ran longer than they had before, regardless of what genes they actually carried.

The conclusion of the study was clear: if you believe a physical reality about yourself to be true, your body will work to manifest that belief.

You can read this excellent article and tap into more of their resources

Isn’t that fascinating? Here are the links to the actual studies:

Will just “thinking positive” create health?  And how does it apply to us?  

One thing is that there are lots of “scare” tactics out there about managing health.  If we believe in the amazing ability of our body to create health when given the right tools (through diet, exercise and regular cleansing via the tea), we are light years ahead with our health.

As the end of the year, with so many detours for our health and time presenting themselves, now’s the time to get in the HOLIDAY SPIRT of HAPPY HEALTH!
Yes, we are:

1) Healthy and strong!
2) Doing smart things for our health (i.e. diet, exercise, drinking the tea)
3) Establishing the blessings of health with a clean colon!

And enjoying it all because being responsible creates health and feels SO good!

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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