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Parasite Info Call! Mothers Day Video!

Hello!  And how are you doing?  Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! We’re back from a wonderful week with our family in Utah, including a very special baby blessing last Sunday for our new grandson, Joseph.


He is wearing the same little outfit and blue felt shoes that Bob and all our sons wore on their own baby blessing days many years ago. Tradition!

This is our first Mothers Day since my own Mom passed away … nearly a year ago on June 1, 2016, age 94.  We are missing her very much!  I couldn’t help but share a video I made several years ago of the flowers she loved so dearly at the church where she served full-time in her 80’s.  Enjoy! CLICK HERE

Mother’s Day is an important time for so many reasons.  As a Weight Watcher leader years ago, I created an entire Mother’s Day meeting on how taking good care of our health is a form of critical personal  “mothering.” Taking the best possible care of our own health for as many years as possible is a blessing for our families and posterity!  It’s a choice to make this an essential, happy priority to maintain and improve not only our lives, but theirs too — both immediately and for the long run.

So MANY health problems common to aging can be entirely avoided or at least greatly delayed by simply eating smart, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight.  Did you know that the healthy eating plan at has been shown to REVERSE heart disease and decrease risk of strokes and heart attack? I hope you’ll find power in the little song and story I wrote about it all, and sing the M-O-T-H-E-R song to yourself … it’s all below!


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I had the loveliest conversation with Judy who had been given a pair of the socks and called to order more.   She’s had numerous surgeries, including four serious knee surgeries that have caused unexplained pain in her feet and calves — for years! Her doctors are clueless on the source of it — but one thing’s for sure: pain medication for numerous reasons is not an option for her.  This is what she wrote:

These socks are such a blessing to me.  To be without pain in my feet and the calves of my legs after so many years  is truly a blessing.  I hope you convey to the people that make these how happy and delighted I am to wear them.  I feel like a new person, full of life and ever so happy to be without pain. Now I am not 75 years old, I am 75 years young!!! Bless you all”



Kristen Bowen, our amazing distributor with a radio show on natural health at “Living The Good Life Naturally” in Logan Utah, has been offering special information on ELIMINATING PARASITES.  Her last call is tonight, May 13, at9:00 PM MST.  This is powerful information! I’ve listened once and will be listening again.

Dial +1 408 638 0968 and enter Meeting ID 435 253 1000

The tea is the foundational product for her important protocol.&nbs p; I’ll send some of her information in next week’s newsletter!


Today’s Article
M Is For “Myself” Worth Taking Care Of!

smiling-ladyThere are things that only a mother can do, and things that only one “mothering” oneself can do. Choosing a healthy lifestyle tops the list!

M is for MYSELF worth taking care of
O means I’m ON top of my OWN weight
T is for TEMPTATIONS I now turn from
H for healthy food upon my PLATE
E is for the ENERGY I enjoy now
R is RIGHT and RIGHT this is for me

Put it all together it spells MOTHER, a thing that I can do for me.

Several years ago, I wrote out the wonderful story of two very special dolls that my daughter Emily, the mother of little Joseph above, earned for herself.

You can read the whole article and see the pictures of those well loved dolls  HERE on Meridian Magazine.  I tied it into the important principle of personally “mothering” our health with love, duty and honor ….

As a mother lovingly provides her baby with foods to help its little body grow, as adults we are the only ones who can mother ourselves with smart foods. As adults no one else feeds us.

Our marvelous bodies, though now grown, are still in constant need of appropriate nourishment and strength. As a mother sets limits on treats and times for them, so only we, as loving mothers, can set the time and limits on appropriate treats. A wise mother puts up with tears and tantrums from her child when she knows what is best. However, as adults, it’s a self-chosen opportunity to discipline ourselves and our own tears and tantrums in whatever form they arrive: excuses, private bingeing, oversized portions, or whatever is your personal challenge.

At the end of the meeting, I sang the old song that spelled the word M-O-T-H-E-R that I had changed the words to, then had them sing along with me. There were tears and laughter then, as there are for me now as I see my own needs and that only I can “mother” for myself. I’m quite sure it’s that way for you, so won’t you sing along with me?

M-O-T-H-E-R (by Carolyn Allen)

M is for MYSELF worth taking care of
O means I’m no longer overweight
T is for temptations I now turn from
H for healthy food upon my plate
E is for the energy I enjoy now
R is right and right this is for me
Put it all together it spells MOTHER, a thing that I can do for me.

As Mother’s Day for 2017 arrives tomorrow, I hope you’ll find joy in not only your own mother, whatever her strengths and weakness may have been, but in the fact that she loved and loves you in the best way she knew (and knows) how. And for what she couldn’t (or can’t) do, well, that’s where “mother” is a verb.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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