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Pregnancy and the Tea

Is It Safe to Drink The Tea When I’m Pregnant?  YES! It Is Good For You and  Your Baby!

pregnant_mommyWe are constantly asked about the tea and pregnancy by women who have been using it and love it for many reasons before becoming pregnant.  We can provide both personal stories, and the experience we had with the Commonwealth of Virginia Dept. of Food Safety when we were labeling this product.  You may also be interested in reading about the studies by the Harvard School of Public health that are finding that toxins passed to the fetus from the mother through the umblical cord can cause many problems for the brain development and learning/behavior problems for your child.  CLICK HERE for our recent newsletter with these findings.

The tea will NOT harm the baby.   At some point early in the history of the tea, there was a strong warning on the label  that pregnant women and seniors should be aware of the “cathartic effects” of My Miracle Tea.  Our Commonwealth of Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Food Safety specialist who was helping us to make sure our label was within FDA guidelines told us to remove that with the statement:  This is an herbal TEA not a DRUG.  Don’t scare people with that.  There is no reason to include this information with the herbs in this product.”  We repeat: the tea is very safe for you and your baby.  It will help you avoid constipation and eliminating regularly, especially with how difficult that often becomes with added iron supplements that many women take during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Experiences With My Miracle Tea

On our first visit to meet Dr. Miller in 2009, we met a lovely lady who was pregnant with her second child.  Her first pregnancy had been extremely difficult, with a lot of weight gain and many difficulties, and an extremely difficult delivery.  She did not become pregnant again until 8-10 years later, which is when we met her.

During the time after her first child was born, she became very ill, unrelated to the pregnancy, and the tea helped her return to health and an appropriate weight.  When she became pregnant for the second time, she continued to drink the tea.  Her pregnancy was an entirely different experience.  There was minimal weight gain.  The toxicity issues she had experienced the first time were completely gone.  Her delivery was very easy (she walked from the delivery table to her room) and her baby girl was so continually happy and sweet that people were always asking, ‘Does your baby ever cry?”

I have talked to other mothers who have had the same pregnancy experience while enjoying the benefits of My Miracle Tea from Day One:  very successful, very healthy pregnancies that are a great joy to them and their entire families.