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Scary Hidden Dangers in Baby & Talcum Powder And $700 Million in Cancer Settlement Suits

Happy Harvest! Are you all set for trick-or-treaters?  We don’t have many kids in the neighborhood, but large local church congregations bring in hay wagons pulled by jeeps loaded with children to trick or treat in our safe neighborhood. It’s really delightful :0)

We’re all stocked up on cute packages of pretzels.  Yup! And no apologies!  If you’d like some fun ideas of what to do with kids and too much Halloween Candy, I have an article I wrote a couple of years ago HERE that you may want to read or forward to family and friends.
5 Ways To Manage Kids and Halloween Candy

Our own Church party, scheduled for tonight at a beautiful farm where the cotton fields are ready to harvest, has been moved to the Church because of the cold and heavy rain. The chili cook-off and hayrides under the moonlight are something we look forward to all year.  Soooo disappointing.  At the last minute, we’ve moved everything, including my Scarecrow Family to be ready for the fun.  It would be neat to enjoy it with you!

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It’s easy to drift into Candy Land with all the candy around at Halloween, so I’m grateful that Saturday night we’ll be at a healthy dinner and bonfire with our Vegetarian Club friends who really inspire me.  I’m renewing my commitment that I don’t need sugar or Halloween candy to be perfectly happy. True? TRUE!

I got an email this week that I was shocked to read.  Baby/talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer!? Massive settlements from Johnson & Johnson to families are documented?   It’s my personal Halloween shocker as I have used and loved using baby/talcum powder my entire adult life, and used it for my children. I’ll bet many of you have too.

You can read about that below. I hate knowing this stuff, but I love the truth — especially when it’s something easy to change.

Do have a great Halloween week and welcome November.  My favorite month of the year!  And I hope you’ll take note, too, of Dr. Miller’s Parasite Cleanse kit now offered at our sister site that we share with our sons.  That info is below.

Happy Halloween!

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Our son Spencer has a friend whose little girl, about 4, has been suffering with several problematic health issues that all link to her chronic constipation.  Especially repeated painful urinary tract problems. Poor little thing!  Of course we sent her Mom some tea to try. She gave it to her little girl mixed into a favorite drink.  It has worked wonders and she’ll be sharing this experience in some detail on her popular blog.  We’ll be sure to send you the link!  Oh, how we love to make things easier for everyone of all ages, but especially our young children and our seniors.


We are sure proud of our sons Spencer and Cooper and the outstanding job they have done with the website they manage with tea in capsule form for missionaries and travelers.  It has a different name and package, but the product is exactly the same.  You can see it HERE.

They’ve added another couple of products, and the one I want to feature today is the Dr. Miller’s PARASITE CLEANSE KIT.  We talked about this in a recent newsletter.  Parasites, both microscopic and those you can see, are NEVER our friends, though they are often our companions.  Here’s Dr. Miller’s protocol for a 4-day thorough cleanse using the capsules, tea and vinegar along with instructions and bundled together for easy use!


Today’s Article

BOO! Halloween Shocker!
Baby and Talcum Powder Linked to Ovarian Cancer

It’s the saddest thing to discover that something you’ve used and enjoyed for years is clinically proven to be toxic.  Like baby powder.  Bob and I are in shock over this! I used it on my little ones, and 30+ years later, I still very much enjoy it myself.  How did I learn this? My weekly newsletter from Dr. Josh Axe presented information that left me heading to the bathroom cupboard and throwing away my supply.

You can read his entire article HERE, but in a nutshell: Those of us who love to pamper and keep things fresh  with talcum powder in what a darling friend calls “The Action Zone” may want to rethink things:  Dr. Axe says:

The data shows that genital use of talc increased ovarian cancer risk by 33 percent. The risk of cancer decreased as the longer a women went without using talcum powder in her genital region. Those who used the powder more frequently faced a greater risk of developing ovarian cancer.  Using it long term also puts us at risk for lung cancer and respiratory conditions.

Here’s Dr. Axes info-graphic on it all, and the documentation of those massive settlements is HERE.  This article includes some easy, risk-free alternatives that I am now happy to use.

Baby Powder Health Risks

Maybe it’s just me who didn’t know this.  All I can say, since I’ve used it for so long and DIDN’T know, is that I owe it to all within my reach to tell them about this.

What am I using instead? EASY! Cornstarch works just great!  You can use a container (like for spices) with a sprinkle top, or a suga r-shaker from the Dollar Store.  I know I’m going to be perfectly content and not even miss my baby powder.

Well, that’s definitely enough for one newsletter! Have a great Halloween weekend and know that we appreciate you, your goodness, and all the positive things you bring to the world.  We’re humbled to be a small part of your wonderful life.

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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