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Tea Helps Kidney Stones and Gallstones!


Hello! And Welcome, September!  How was your week?  Our weather is picture perfect and we’re ready to enjoy some football at the High School in our neighborhood this weekend.

As we watch Hurrican Irma and the havoc of Hurricane Harvey, and knowing that the 9-11 Anniversary is on Monday (we lived in Washington, D.C. on that terrible day and experienced it firsthand) … it’s all so very sobering.

On a personal level, it was a very difficult summer for nearly everyone we know for many reasons.  There are no easy answers.  Why does God not stop these problems? My only comfort is to know that great storms, whether they be personal or from nature, help us to be humble, repent and recognize the great power and omniscience of God and nature.  All these difficulties cause us to be closer to Him and kinder to those around us.

The only thing we can do, I believe, is to be faithful and know that no matter what, God lives!   We can pray and serve our families, friends and neighbors.  We can seek to brighten days wherever we can, knowing that God knows far more than we do.

My “day brightener: for you this week was the evening pool party we had with the 8-11 year old girls from Church.  They swam (brrrrrr — but they didn’t care!), did monster bubbles and cute snacks while the sun set.  Walt Disney perfect!


If you haven’t seen monster bubbles, they are SO fun for kids and adults!  The weather conditions (high humidity and no direct sunlight) were just right for us to easily create large ones that floated on the pool. The girls would go underneath them and stick their hands and heads from underneath into the bubbles!  So cute!  Monster bubbles are a great thing for grandparents and parents to experiment with for a fun time with kids.  You can google how to do them. We got our special wands from the dollar store, although you can make them or buy online.

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A conversation with a friend here in Jackson over the past several weeks has caused us to go back to our beginning with the tea ten years ago.

We learned about the tea in 2007 from a lovely lady named Sandra from Texas.  (We’ve never met.  It was one of those serendipity who-knows-how-she-got-my email-address-contact things, but she did and sent the tea info. She still drinks the tea and we love her! And Sandra, if you’re reading this, you know how grateful we are to you for hanging in there with us!)

She’d had great results with the tea for lots of reasons, but still had gallstones and a doctor who wanted to do surgery.  Very reluctant to do that, she found a protocol using lemon juice and olive oil, and added the tea to it as well.

She dedicated a weekend at home to drinking it.  In a day or two,  she began to pass many, many small gallstones.  Some were big enough to see and hold, others were like pinheads or coarse sand.

She was thrilled and felt “so clean.”  There was no need for surgery!

Fast forward many years and many testimonials of our own tea friends to a month or so ago when a local friend shared that she had some large and extremely painful kidney stones, one on each side. Her doctor had said if they had not passed by an appointment on September 7, surgery would be necessary.

She’s a busy professional. The last thing she had time for was surgery and all the delays and complications it brings.  She was in a lot of pain and dreading surgery.

Of course, we told her about the tea.  And of course, she was ready to give it a try.  What could it possibly hurt?  I talked to Dr. Miller and confirmed the amount to take and the addition of lemon juice and olive oil.  (See it in the article below.)

A couple of weeks later, she let us know she had passed a large stone that had snapped into two pieces!  She thought perhaps the two stones had fused together before she passed them. She was immediately out of pain and thrilled!

While reticent to say that they were 100% gone until the ultrasound examination proved it, or that it was the tea that had done the trick, she was happy to be out of pain and a bit more optimistic.

This past Thursday, September 7, we got a text from her after her doctor appointment that said, “No kidney stones! No surgery! All clear!”  That very night we went out to dinner with her to celebrate!

Was it the tea and the protocol from Dr. Miller? Or an answer to prayer and positive thinking?  Or her body doing passing the stones on its own?

That we’ll probably never know.  But to anyone who suffers with kidney and/or gallstones, what can it possibly hurt to try?  Here’s a bit more information and Dr. Miller’s instructions.


Today’s Article

Dr. Miller’s Protocol For Kidney and GallStones

I myself had kidney stones several months after the birth of one of my children.  It was absolutely as painful and difficult as childbirth.  I was hospitalized for a couple of days and I finally passed it naturally. What a relief! It was caused by a build-up of calcium from the excessive amounts I’d consumed during pregnancy.  Probably from the Tums my doctor had recommended.

kidney stone is a solid mass made up of tiny urine crystals from the minerals calcium, oxalate and uric acid. Gallstones are hard, pebble-like cholesterol or pigment deposits that form inside the gallbladder or bile duct. They can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball.

What causes kidney stones and gallstones?  You can easily Google to learn more.  What’s important now is how the tea may help you get rid of them without surgery.

I consulted with Dr. Miller to get the right amounts for our friend.  He listened carefully and said:

1 cup of tea
1 Tbsp. of lemon juice
1 Tbsp. of olive oil

Mix and drink this 3 times a day until the stone passes.

The tea is formulated to remove foreign matter.  Lemon juice has many purifying properties. The olive oil will lubricate the foreign matter and make it easier to slide out.

That’s what he told me and I passed this info to our friend.  She was already drinking lemon juice in the morning but now added the tea.  The olive oil was too difficult for her to drink and she did not drink it.

She passed the stones anyway.  Hooray!

Sandra, our friend who passed the gallstones, had a different formula with more like a 1/4 cup of Olive oil and 1 tbsp. of lemon juice that she drank every 4 hours.

You can google this information, and with a prayer, find the amounts that seem right to you.

Dr. Miller confirmed with me yesterday:  NONE OF THESE INGREDIENTS WILL CAUSE ILLNESS OR ANY SERIOUS PROBLEMS.  There is no danger in this combination.

Will they work?  Any guarantees?  Can I take any responsibility if it doesn’t work for you?  Of course not. But for anyone experiencing the extreme pain or worry caused by kidney and gallstones, what could it possibly hurt to try!

I hope you’ll keep this, and pass it on to anyone you know suffering with kidney and/or gallstones.

Well, have a beautiful weekend!

We hope you have something lovely planned, and we know that you are joining us in prayer for our friends in Florida.

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