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Ten Easy Tips For A Healthy, Happy December

Hello! How was your Thanksgiving?  We hope it was filled with dear ones and dear times.  We had a ball in Utah with children and grandchildren for Thanksgiving and we are so excited to be welcoming a new granddaughter in mid-December!

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As November and Thanksgiving end, it’s sooooo easy to just continue the over-indulging.  Today’s the day to decide that December can be healthy and FUN.  I wrote these ten tips for ME, and hope they’ll help you too!  Enjoy!


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It’s hard to believe, but we’re at the ten-year mark of sharing the tea.  As I’ve shared many times, my Mom, then 86, had a huge positive response to the tea that greatly improved the remaining 9 years of her life.

One of her friends (in his 70’s) had had heart replacement surgery.  He lived with terrible headaches, low energy and a number of other discomforts from the powerful anti-rejection prescription meds.  It was good to be alive, but he was not really 100% well.  After starting the tea, the headaches vanished,  his energy soared, and he was able to exercise.  He even went back to playing a bit of softball that he loved!  He felt like himself again! He and his wife had always cherished my Mom, but their gratitude for her increased as much as his health.  It’s a tender thing to hear them talk about the tea!

For anyone on heavy medications for any health condition, including cancer, the tea is a lovely thing to help address the side effects of those required drugs.


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Today’s Article

Ten Easy Tips For A Healthy, Happy December!

With Thanksgiving over, it’s so easy to just slip into the “oh, well– it’s the holidays. I’ll get started eating and exercising again in January!” mode.  The only problem is that we don’t feel or function at our best emotionally or physically.  Not to mention how depressing January 1 is. Really, how merry is it when your clothes are snug and you feel out of control?

Here are my ten favorite tips that I’m printing out TODAY to help keep me focused.

1.  Plan Your Celebration Eating.  Get out your December calendar.  Put a sticker or circle in red the days that have planned celebrations involving food. You’ll quickly see that for most days, it’s life as usual.  With a little planning, healthy meals can easily continue and you can prepare for the celebration events.  Keep that calendar where you can see and use it!

It’s also a great idea to have some fast, easy healthy soups and menu ideas front and center in your pantry and on your shopping list.

One of our favorites is our “taco soup” using 1 can of refried beans + 1 can of water + 1 can of stewed tomatoes + 1/2 cup of salsa.  You can add a bit of taco seasoning as well for a bit more kick.  We serve it with tortilla strips that have been toasted in a stove-top skillet with some Pam spray.  So filling, delicious and hearty.  And FAST.  You can add typical taco fixings on top:  chopped tomatoes, onion, olives, etc.  Guests love this fun dish!

2. Stay Active — Even Indoor Walking!   Hallmark movies have their place, and I plan on watching more not less this season!  But so does staying active, walking, getting to the gym and whatever you do to get your heart rate up and your body moving.  Regular exercise is also the best emotional protection I know of for shaking off the holiday blues and feeling fat, which definitely do NOT enhance feeling the joys of Christmas.

Brittany, our soon-to-be-a-mommy daughter-in-law, has discovered Leslie Sansone’s walking videos on Youtube!  She walks a mile or two indoors before heading off to work as a first-grade teacher. YES!   Easy and fun and in-doors for cold mornings.  I just popped onto Youtube and there are even several Christmas walking workouts. FUN!

Now as far as the Hallmark Movies, every 20 minutes or so get up.  Just stand in place in front of the TV and gently bounce (with feet on the floor and loose knees) like you’re juggling a fussy baby.  Do this every 20 minutes or so, three or four times during the movies for 3-5 minutes.  (Or during commercials).   This is the next best thing to a mini-tramp for bouncing out toxins and aiding your lymphatic system.

3.  Keep Colds and Sickness At Bay. Do your best to avoid those with sickness and handshaking.   Wash your hands with warm water and soap as often as you can.

Be sure to order some hand sanitizer from our sons!  Once again, this stuff is AMAZING with 12 hours of clinically proven protection!

4.  Don’t Stress.  Keep It All In Perspective!  Years ago we abandoned sending time-consuming Christmas cards for December and started sending out our annual greeting at Valentine’s or St. Patrick’s Day. Our friends loved getting those letters at an unexpected time! If you and your family love to decorate, great.  If not, less decorating with more of your happy smiles will be the best decorations for your home.

One of our friends found out that her over-the-top tree drove her family crazy. Her husband and children all dreaded the day they decorated it because she was so stressed and so picky about where every ornament went. This is NOT the memory you want your loved ones to have!  Another had the same experience with the weekend of putting up the outdoor Christmas lights. Her kids HATED that weekend.  Less is often more, and that’s a good reminder.

5.  Be A Careful Cook:  December is one of the most common months for people to get food poisoning. To minimize the risks, don’t leave food out all day. Put out small amounts at a time, so that what is on the table has just been cooked or just come out of the fridge. Ideally, try to use any leftovers within 48 hours or freeze them.

If you think you have food poisoning, the tea is fantastic for getting things out of your system FAST.  A double dose of tea will be incredibly helpful.  Or a cup of tea + a capsule works great too.  ORDER NOW FOR 10% OFF ALL ORDERS

6.  A Sugar-Free December.  YES! Let FRUIT be a shining star as it no doubt was for Mary and Joseph.  We all love Christmas treats, but way too often sugar takes over our taste buds and moods.

Last year I decided (with the help of my daughter Kelly) for December to be a sugar-free month. It was a great, great month, and something special the two of us shared.  Luscious fruit became our go-to treat. I quietly just said “No thanks!” to myself and others when the sugary goodies came around. I’d decided ahead of time and I didn’t have any cookies or candy until Christmas Day.  It was such relief to have made the decision before December 1.

I wore my jeans rather than stretch pants throughout the Christmas week.

7.  Drink Enough Water.  Now’s the time to get out a water bottle and download an app on your phone that will remind you when you need a drink.  Mine is called “iHydrate” and an alarm goes off on the times I’ve chosen.  Every organ in our systems need it to function.  It helps our skin glow and keeps us energized.  Even with the tea and capsules, water is required for them to work and to get those toxins out.

8.  Give Healthy Food Gifts Instead of Cookies:  Years ago, we started giving away a bottle of unsweetened apple juice with a bag of spices tied to the side for spiced cider as our gift to friends and neighbors.  They loved and appreciated it!  Soup jars with the layered fixings for a yummy bean soup, low-fat cereal snack mixes, etc. are also great gifts that are fun to make and to give.  You’ll save yourself hours in the kitchen and thousands of calories that go into the nibbling for these gifts.

9.  Get Enough Sleep:  Get that Smartphone Out of The Bedroom. Sleeping is becoming more difficult as I get older.  However, the more I read about getting and staying asleep, I know I have a major enemy:  my smartphone.  That’s where I’ve been reading and “relaxing” in bed the end of the day with a couple of games I play with friends and family.  Then I charge the phone overnight by my bed.

In essence, however, the lights and the activities there — even reading — keep my mind busy and awake.  For the month of December, along with no sugar, I’m leaving my phone outside of the bedroom and turning out the light at a regular time.  I can charge it someplace else too :0)

10.  Keep Your System Healthy With My Miracle Tea. Between the weather, the food, the stress and the germs, we ALL need ALL the help we can get.  Just drinking the tea or taking a capsule may be the easiest way to look and feel our best!

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Well, that’s plenty to wrap up November and launch December!  I’ll be back over the weekend to keep us focused on healthy and happy living for the whole month.

Have a great day and a great week!

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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