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Traveling with My Miracle Tea

How To Use My Miracle Tea When Traveling, Busy or Away From Home

Whether you’re on vacation, or just very busy for a day or so, most people don’t want to be without their tea! We have several options:

  1. Dr. Miller spent many years developing a capsule formula that works almost as well as the tea. Some of our tea friends feel they work equally well! We have found that by taking 1 capsule in the evening with 8 oz. of water works best.
  2. Take the concentrate with you in a small container with a very tight-fitting lid, and just add it to water when you’re ready to drink. While it’s best to have it refrigerated, it’s just fine if it’s not refrigerated for a day or so.
  3. Take a single bag of tea with you in a zip lock bag. Add it to a cup of hot water when you stop for a rest or at restaurant, etc. and let it sit for 5 minutes. Your tea is ready to drink!
  4. Remove the tea bag from the cup and put it back in the zip-lock bag. Each tea bag is good for 8 uses. Put the tea bag into the hot water and let it sit for 5 minutes or so. The tea bag does become quite weak towards the end, so you’ll probably want to double-bag it, or get one of the stainless steel strainer tea balls to use.
  5. Open a bag of tea and take a pinch, about 1/8th of a bag, and put it in your mouth. Chew thoroughly and swallow. Then have a big drink of water.
  6. If you’re in a hotel room with a coffee maker, You can make the concentrate with that. Just brew two cups of hot water and put your tea bags in. It will be double strength, so you’ll only need 1/8th of a cup of concentrate, and then nearly a full cup of water.

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