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Articles:  Vitamin B5: The Anti-Stress Vitamin That Helps Brain Function, Too!

Hello, Hello!  Nice weekend?  What are your fun plans for the week?  We got home from Utah late Saturday night. Bob drove the whole way :0) about 1600 miles. There was lots of priceless family time and it was exciting to meet both new and potential business partners.  We attended not one but two gorgeous wedding receptions that felt like peeking into heaven with stunning gardens, flowers, fountains and exquisite landscaping.  The picture below was just one of many, many alcoves. Breathtaking!


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One of the most fascinating things she told is is that our bodies “rapidly consume” Vitamin B5, just like candy.  Since it is excreted through urine, we need to constantly replenish it.  Not enough Vitamin B5 means physical AND emotional stress.  Hence the need for “Settle Down” as an awesome supplement for Vitamin B5.

I hope you’ll appreciate learning about it as much as I have from both her and reading more. Our bodies are incredible marvels. Enjoy today’s newsletter!


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This week I got a call from Donna, who has found that the tea helps her with incontinence!  Isn’t that amazing? This is something I haven’t heard.  She says, “As long as I’m drinking my tea regularly, I don’t have a problem at all.  If I forget, within several weeks I’m back to having to cross my legs when I laugh or sneeze.”

Donna loves to share the tea.  If you love to share it also, this is always our best way of getting the word out there.  I am always happy to send a gift-pack or two your way at no expense.  Just shoot me an email or call me with why YOU love the tea!

There’s a place on the gift pack for you to include your name so that when someone orders we can provide you with a discount or a freebie on your next order :0)

Thanks, Donna, for sharing this, and I’m sending two gift packs your way!


Vitamin B5: The Anti-Stress and Better Brain Vitamin

As you know, I am NOT a health professional.  I just love to learn and share! As I study and learn more about our products, I am continually amazed at all the things the body does on its own when it has the proper nutrition, and what it struggles with when there’s not the support it needs.

Like Vitamin B5.  I’ve never paid much attention to it, but it’s so interesting!  As we go through each of the ingredients in our new “Settle Down” formula, no wonder Vitamin B5 is so helpful and so necessary!

Our visit with Dr. Maria confirmed that “Settle Down” really IS a supplement for nutrition.  Since we eliminate Vitamin B5 constantly through urination and many body functions (it is needed by every cell), we often don’t have quite enough of it to create the state of health we need ….especially when we’re feeling STRESS.

Its real name is “pantothenic acid.”  The word “pantothen” is Greek and means “from everywhere” telling us that Vitamin B5 can be found in many foods.  It is needed everywhere too for healthy skin, converting nutrients from food into energy, balancing blood sugar, reducing bad cholesterol, preventing nerve damage and preventing heart failure.

Oh, and managing stress and increasing mental performance!

From, a website for women’s health I found the following:

Let’s go over the basics of pantothenic acid.  Like its numerous relatives in the B-vitamin family, Vitamin B5 is water-soluble.  This means it is excreted from the body, usually in the urine, throughout the day and we have to replenish it on a regular basis through diet and/or a supplement.

Now for its anti-stress properties: Vitamin B5 got this nickname because it has been shown to help boost the immune system and improve our ability to deal with and withstand stressful situations.

Specifically, it helps our bodies produce hormones that are needed when fighting stress.  For example, Vitamin B5 can help our bodies control the secretion of cortisol.

What is cortisol?  It is nature’s built-in alarm system and our body’s main stress hormone.  It works with certain parts of the brain to control mood, motivation, and fear. It’s best known for helping fuel your body’s “fight-or-flight” instinct in a crisis.

Your adrenal glands make cortisol.

Adequate Vitamin B5 helps the adrenal glands function as they should for anxiety and depression.  Some studies have found it can help treat both of these discouraging conditions. In addition to psychological strain, pantothenic acid can help those who suffer from migraines and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as people who are trying to cut back on alcohol and smoking.

Our friend Dr. Josh Axe says that “B Vitamins, in general, are often correlated with improving mental function because they can decrease the risk for many problems such as brain function, illnesses or age-related memory and function loss.

Vitamin B5 is needed and found in every cell in the body and is especially concentrated in the organs.  Vitamin B5 is an important part of coenzyme A, which is a chemical that is part of many metabolic functions in the body.

Like other B-Vitamins, Vitamin B5 helps both our gastrointestinal tract work properly and other vitamins do their jobs.  It may also help wounds heal faster.

If your body is running low on pantothenic acid, you may experience a headache, fatigue, nausea, and tingling of the hands.  A true deficiency is quite rare as it is found in so many foods.

Where we can we find Vitamin B5?

For meat eaters: beef liver, salmon, duck and eggs.

For vegetarians, it’s in lentils, legumes and sunflower seeds, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, and many other fruits and vegetables.  And Settle Down!


No wonder we are feeling better, both day and night, by taking it!

Well, it’s time to go get my lentils (with leafy greens and lots of onions in a marinara sauce — Hello Vitamin B5!) started for our Vegetarian supper club tonight.  Would you like to come over for a bowl?  We would welcome you at our front door!  You are always invited :0)

Have a great week!


Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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