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Weight Loss and the Tea

Offerings Bathroom ScaleWill You Lose Weight With My Miracle Tea?

Many people purchase this product after hearing from others about weight loss.  Weight loss is often one of the side benefits of the tea, though not the primary purpose.   In the first few days  as the colon is cleansed, many people eliminate large quantities of old, impacted fecal matter that logically  results in quick weight loss and flattening of the belly.  That is a blessing and a thrill!

The tea was actually formulated to help wrestlers and athletes acquire their optimal health and weights for meets and games in Dr. Miller’s hometown of Jackson, Tennessee where he was a also a P.E. coach and semi-pro baseball player.   As word spread that the tea was helpful for weight loss, many people began to purchase with that as the primary objective.

The tea does a wonderful job of creating a healthy condition for losing weight and body fat.  Cleansing the colon means that nutrients from the foods you eat are able to be absorbed by the body in a much more effective way.  As the nutrients are absorbed, you will naturally feel more satisfied, as often the body is “hungry’ when it is really nutritionally deprived.  Sugar cravings and foods that provide a quick lift are indicative of that hunger.  Cravings for sweets and refined foods are often greatly lessened in a matter of days, replaced by a desire for more nutritious foods.  Of course that’s going to mean weight loss!

While many people DO lose weight, others do not. There are simply no ways of determining what people are eating, their personal genetics, exercise level, health history etc. in order to say why one person loses weight with this product and another does not.