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What Is Leaky Gut? Do You Have It?

Happy Weekend! We hope it’s been an excellent one for you as we wrap up the summer.  Our pool is getting a little chilly!

We were thrilled to be in the heart of the main path for the solar eclipse!  We had a great time with friends who had a grand lunch featuring Moon Pies and Sun Chips … and Eclipse gum! Some clouds and our position didn’t allow for us to see as much as many around the country did, but it was enough to be in great awe of our incredible universe and to get excited for the next solar eclipse in 2024.  We’ll be 70 and 73-years old for that one …  and are very sure we WILL STILL be sharing the tea and the socks :0)



(Yes — it’s true.  Bob really is that much taller than me.  We’re in our barefeet and he’s nearly 6′ 3, and I’m under 5 feet. It’s allll good lol, and my little joke is that I always wear at least socks to compensate for the difference.)

Another highlight this week: A webinar from Dr. Josh Axe about “leaky gut.” This condition is extremely common.  When you read through the symptoms below, you’ll see how leaky gut does indeed affect the whole body — and why so many people report help for so many different conditions after using the tea regularly for at least 30-60-90 days.

(I found his health website, while poking around for information for this newsletter several months ago.  I highly encourage you to take a look as well and sign up for his newsletter.)

His focus is FOOD as medicine and he approaches everything with such a fresh, positive, easy approach.

What is leaky gut? And how do you know if you or someone you love is experiencing this?  Keep reading … and enjoy your weekend!


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Everybody else, CLICK HERE to sign up for the drawing next week on September 1. Don’t forget you need to read the newsletter and reply when you win :0)


One of the ways the tea is most helpful is post-surgery.  The drugs, hospital environment, emotional stress from illness and being away from home, etc. often mean severe constipation for several days — or even weeks.  I visited with a couple of dear people this week, needing the tea to be mailed out quickly as the tea had helped much better than expected after surgery.  They needed more ASAP. We’re always happy to mail out on the day of an order if we hear from you by 2:00 PM CST.

As a little FYI: We do have medical doctors who use it (along with their entire families) with great results.  The wife of one of these doctors tells me he wishes he could prescribe it for his patients after their surgeri es. The tea, however, is an herbal product and not approved by the FDA.  So he is not allowed to do so.

We’re each on our own after surgery, however, and many find that it works better than a whole bottle of stool softeners and laxatives.

We had one couple in our early years of sharing the tea with an amazing surgical story that they personally shared with me.  The husband had had a large tumor removed from his neck. They could NOT get his bowels to start — after excessive amounts of stool softeners.

The wife prevailed upon the nurses and his doctor to put the tea straight into his IV drip. And within hours, he was eliminating without a problem in the world. They were all pretty impressed!

POWER SOCKS UPDATE:  If you love the crew-length “Wellness Socks”, the white ones are being discontinued.  These are the lighter, stretchier socks with extra padding in the soles.  I have only a few pairs of large and X-large left.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The black “Wellness Socks” will continue to be in stock.  

I heard more from Betty B. with her varicose veins this week … she says the SOCKS are doing their thing fabulously, as long as she just wears them! She says her legs were hurting the other day and when she looked at her feet, she realized her socks were sitting on top of the dryer.  Sure enough, 2 hours laterafter putting on the socks, the leg pain was gone.  CRAZY how these WORK!



Of Compassion, Courage and Choosing Kindness: Must Reads!

The summer has been so distressing for our nation. We have witnessed sad and horrible things … but here is hope for us and our children/grandchildren.

Even with our busy summer with the wedding, Bob and I made time to read three excellent, award-winning novels for children while in the car with the travel, and relaxing in the evening outside to watch sunsets.  (Thanks, Bob, for finding us such great books to share! — We love award-winning juvenile books! We think they are as satisfying for adults as kids, and also think they must be written for their terrific “read-aloud” qualities.)

True page-turners for adults and kids, I couldn’t wait to share them and put them into an article on Meridian Magazine. We loved each of these books and, true confessions, I cried and cried at the end of each of them.

You can read the article HERE or paste in:

and the three books are:

The War That Saved My Life: Karen Brubaker
Wonder: R. J. Palacio
Where The Mountain Meets The Moon: Grace Lin

Today’s Article

Josh Axe and Leaky Gut

When I first heard the term “leaky gut” on a conference call in our early days of sharing the tea (winter of 2007), I was fascinated:

What is it?

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition also referred to as increased intestinal permeability where the “net” in your digestive tract gets damaged which allows proteins (like gluten), bad bacteria, and undigested particles to pass into your bloodstream.

Yikes.  A lady on the phone call was talking about how the tea had addressed all the symptoms of leaky gut in a wonderful way for her, in a fast and easy way.  In reading more ….

The symptoms of leaky gut are the EXACT same ones for people who are finding such great relief after using the tea!  What does this tell us all? Common Sense:  A clean gut is a happy gut!

You can learn more about leaky gut and Dr. Axe’s recommendations for diet and supplements HERE.

We know, however, that the first place, without spending another dime, is to JUST DRINK THE TEA. If you can add, even minimally, starting to eat better with a whole-food, plant-based diet!

Aren’t we just blessed to have such simple help all in one little cup?

Well, do enjoy the last week of summer.  It’s been a good one, but a long one, and we always look forward to the fresh breezes and the wonderful new changes that September brings.

Carolyn Allen is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 11 (so far!). She and her husband, Bob, have been helping people feel and look better for years with My Miracle Tea. Read More
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