Death Begins In the Colon

As we get relaunched with our new Core Formula, in some ways it feels like going way back to 2008 when we were first introduced to the magical health blessings of an herbal cleansing Tea. The importance of a clean, well-functioning digestive and elimination tract simply cannot be overemphasized.

The expression "death begins in the colon" may sound a bit dramatic, but there's a great deal of truth to it! While it's an oversimplification, it's more accurate than not because the road to health begins with intestinal cleansing and detoxification — no matter what the disease or problem.

While most of us think about intestinal cleansing pretty much in terms of how well and how often our bowels are moving, the big picture includes the entire digestive tract, from mouth to anus:

  • Digestion — transferring the nutritional value of that food into the body.
  • Processing the waste from that food and eliminating it from the body.
  • Serving as a drainpipe for waste produced as a result of metabolic functions within the body itself.
  • Serving as a drain for toxic substances absorbed through our lungs and skin, etc.
  • Functioning as a first line of defense in the body’s immune system by serving as a home to beneficial bacteria that identify and eliminate viruses and unhealthy bacteria ingested with our food.

What can go wrong if the system is backed up?

Physically, the colon is simply not designed to store large amounts of old fecal matter. Pounds and pounds of old fecal matter are not only breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and dangerous parasites, but the extra yuck causes the colon to distend and expand. This causes the walls of the colon to thin out (like blowing up a balloon more and more). As the walls extend out, they press on and compress other organs in the abdominal cavity.

Briefly I wanted to share the main types of laxatives:

1. Bulk Forming Laxatives (fiber supplements): These laxatives “bulk” up your stool and make it bigger. They add an ingredient to your poop called soluble fiber. Soluble fiber draws water from your body into your stool, making it bigger and softer. The size increase stimulates your colon to contract and push the stool out. These laxatives are generally considered the gentlest. They’re least likely to cause side effects.

NOTE: Our new "Core Formula" Tea includes a small amount of psyllium husk that gently bulks up the stool. If you see a bit of gelatinous matter in the Tea, that's the psyllium. It's not enough to cause any problems or harm, just enough to help fecal matter pass through.

2. Osmotic/Saline Laxatives: Osmotic laxatives pull water from other body parts and send it to your colon. As the water collects, it softens your stool so it’s easier to pass. Saline laxatives are a type of osmotic laxative. They contain salt that holds water in your colon.

NOTE: Our new "Core Formula" tea does not include any saline or osmotic products.

3. Stool softener laxatives, also called emollient laxatives. They increase the water and fat your feces absorbs, softening it. Stool softener include a medication called "docusate."

NOTE: Our new Core Formula does NOT include docusate and is not a stool softener. The water added to the concentrate DOES help with softening the stool and plenty of water is extremely important and helpful for better elimination.

4. Stimulant Laxatives: Stimulant laxatives activate the nerves that control the muscles in your colon. They force your colon into motion so it moves your stool along. You may need a stimulant laxative on a temporary basis if other over-the-counter types haven’t helped.

Stimulant laxatives include Cascara sagrada, senna and bisacodyl. Stimulant laxatives should not be used long-term.

NOTE: Our new Core Formula does NOT include stimulant laxatives.

So, in conclusion for today, My Miracle Tea does not include saline laxatives, stimulant laxatives or stool softener laxatives. It contains just a bit of a bulk-forming laxative (5% Psyllium) and over all, is a very safe and easy-to-use herbal product for digestion and elimination.

While it’s considered to be much safer than Senna or Cascara Sagrada safe long-term use, it’s wise to make diet, exercise and alternating the Tea with other products every several weeks/months part of your plan.

QUESTION: Do we consider My Miracle Tea to be a laxative?

ANSWER: No. It's an herbal product with many health benefits, including easier elimination. The primary ingredient of our new "Core Formula", Turkey Rhubarb Root, is a safe and effective herb that is well known and recognized for keeping the bowels active without any long-term side effects. That's where the strong taste comes from, but we believe the benefits are worth it!