How It Began

Twenty-five years ago, back in the late 90s, Carolyn was an award-winning Weight Watchers leader. By 2006 her fun e-mail newsletter with weight loss tips and healthy recipes (launched originally for her local WW members) had grown into a website, published book and a thriving online following. When one of those online friends sent Carolyn information about an herbal tea (in 2008) for digestive troubles and cleansing, hoping that Carolyn would share it with her readers, she scoffed – but Bob listened.

A Miracle, Indeed

Carolyn’s mom at age 85 had lifetime chronic constipation. Aging had compounded that with extreme acid reflux and explosive, unexpected bowel movements. It was painful, miserable and extremely embarrassing. She became housebound and spent much of the day sleeping in a fetal position in bed.

After the first 30 days, she was a different person! Her bowels functioned better than they had in years. She could eat again. Her mental fog cleared and she felt like herself again. Her doctor was amazed! She started traveling and lived another 10 years, with the Tea making an enormous difference to the very end. Her last words to Carolyn were "Honey, don't ever stop sharing the Tea. It's THAT important!"

As for Bob and Carolyn -- in those first 30 days, Carolyn lost a few pounds and Bob lowered the dosage on blood pressure meds. (Yay!) Carolyn told her many readers around the country about the Tea. They responded immediately and also purchased it!

Within several months, many of them were also conquering health challenges and the stories began to roll in. It was amazing and they will never forget the humbling joy of helping so many people. They were able to partner with other businesses and amazing success stories became a daily joy. 

Orders soared. Word-of-mouth advertising spread to family, friends and health professionals. With a passion for supporting these lovely new Tea friends, Carolyn shared their testimonials in her popular weekly newsletter. That free newsletter continues to this day with a wide readership and many people who have discovered that true health is a lifestyle of diet and exercise with the foundation of the Tea and a smile.

By 2013, what had started out as a hobby and part-time income in 2008, had grown into a full-time family business Distributors (health professionals and doctors, Mom and Pop health stores, massage therapists, foot zoners, energy healers, etc.) all over the country became valued partners as they shared what it did for their patients, customers and clients.

Moving Forward

New Formula, Same Incredible Results

In the early summer of 2023, it was time to move forward independently using their own formula and manufacturing. With the help of two gifted, 2nd generation Master Herbalists, the formula was changed (different, very special medicinal herbs and taste, but the same function) and an FDA-registered and certified manufacturer in California was located and hired. With this step forward, Bob and Carolyn were able to lower the cost of the Tea for their friends and customers, many of them senior citizens on limited incomes.

A long-time wish to provide premium quality supplements for digestive support was also launched in September 2023.

At this time (Summer 2024), the Allens have a wonderful, continuing base of loyal, long-time Tea friends. New fans each day and health professionals far and wide purchase, use and share the good news about the power and superior health a clean colon with this unique provides! The business professionals who support the Allens on the back-end are much appreciated and provide the security and support needed for My Miracle Tea to thrive for many, many years to come.

Meet Bob & Carolyn

Bob and Carolyn are the dynamic duo behind My Miracle, which launched its website in early 2008, and My Miracle Tea, LLC in 2011. Entrepreneurs at heart, Bob boasts 25 years of successful business ownership in Washington, DC. Carolyn's expertise since 1999 has centered on supporting weight management and healthy living through her writing, enthusiasm, and all-natural products. For many years her weekly health columns online helped many people lose weight and discover the joys of healthy eating.

From her accolades as an award-winning leader at Weight Watchers to her published book and online community, Carolyn's passion for inspiring healthy living shines through.

Bob and Carolyn, both Brigham Young University alumni ('76), bring over 50 years of combined experience in customer service, health advocacy, and entrepreneurship. As parents of four and grandparents to 12, family always comes first for them. Active in their Church and avid lovers of live theater, vegetarian cuisine, and exploring the beauty of the 50 states, Bob and Carolyn are living testaments to the importance of maintaining healthy bowel function at any age.

With their firsthand experience and dedication to quality, they welcome you to My Miracle Tea and stand ready to assist you on your wellness journey.