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James B.
Pain Relief: I Don't Want To Be Without This Product!

I suffered with acute stomach-gastro distress including bloating, sharp pains and abdominal discomfort that became a big problem for me. My doctor recommended My Miracle Tea for relief and healing. It has really made a huge difference! I’ve become regular. The bloating and pain are gone. I’m very pleased with this product and don’t want to ever be without it!

Mary Bess A.
Gentle and Powerful! My Colon Operates So Well

It is not often that I have ordered, and tried, a product that produces the results that it promises...and, can be used in the long term without inevitably experiencing diminishing effectiveness. My Miracle Tea is one of those products that absolutely does deliver on its promise and, for me, is as effective as when I began taking it in 2019. The tea is gentle and powerful...I stay bowel regular, my indigestion has vanished and my colon operates efficiently, which has boosted my immune system. The most miraculous improvement of all (and although, it made that improvement after consistent use for 3 years) has been the disappearance of any blood sugar issues, which I have had to cater to for 50 years. No loss of energy, no 'sinking' feelings or 'grouchy' attitude and no mood swings. Miracle, indeed!

Rose C.
Love the Capsules! Stay Regular Without Side Effects

After discovering My MIracle Tea (which is wonderful stuff) I quickly became a fan of the capsules as they are more convenient for traveling. I am so pleased with both the Tea and the capsules! I am so pleased with the Tea and highly recommend it to stay regular without any side effects.

Susie C.
Surgery Success and Shouting For Joy

Adult chronic extreme constipation and digestive issues led to a surgical procedure called an “ileostomy” where a small portion of the bowel Is brought out to an opening in the abdominal wall. I lived with this (and the bag) for many years until my surgeon became confident we could do a reversal. The surgery was a success, except the bowels would not function independently. We tried absolutely every product out there with inadequate results. This went on for several weeks. Even my eating became very restricted simply because nothing moved and what I did eat built up inside me. When a friend brought me some My Miracle Tea, I was willing to try anything! It worked within several hours and I was shouting and whooping for joy from the bathroom! I have been using it for two years now and am so thrilled. My doctors are too!

Kate J.
Super Product and Super Customer Service

My sweet mom found My Miracle Tea in a magazine add 13 years ago and sent it to me. We both said, it’s worth a shot! That was over 13 years ago and I’ve been drinking it every night before bed since!!

Dr. Craig Frogley, Chiropractic Physician & Educator

"One product I have found to be preventative, healing, and enlivening is My Miracle Tea."

The body can and will heal itself if we are willing to address pain and discomfort as messengers. My Miracle Tea is a product that I use personally and happily recommend for sluggish bowels, clogged colons, stomach challenges and improved wellness for all organs. Please read my article about the common problem of over-medication and why this excellent product should be seriously considered.

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