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Are You FRUSTRATED By Time-Consuming, Difficult, Painful BMs?

Our 100% organic herbal health boost has been helping baby boomers and their families get off the potty and on with their lives for over 30 years!

Are You WORRIED About The Immediate & Long-Term Consequences of Constipation?

When you need to go you SHOULD BE ABLE TO GO! Impacted, toxic fecal matter can and does cause many problems that can easily be be part of the past! Finally here’s peace of mind! Along with the relief you need and deserve.

Are You EMBARRASSED by Bloating and   Bad-Smelling Farting? 

Bloating, farting, and those nasty gassy smells are  all part of a toxic system that can easily be addressed with our delicious herbal detox drink.  YES! A flatter tummy and fresher bathrooms are just a cup away.

 Since 2007, We Have Helped Thousands Discover and Enjoy This Delicious,
100% Natural Herb Product Which May Help You With …

  • Irregularity and Constipation — (Time Consuming & Embarrassing!)
  • Stomach Discomfort — (So Painful and Exhausting!)
  • Mental Clarity — (No, You’re Not That  Forgetful!)
  • Refreshing Energy — (Yes, You Can Do More and Have More Fun!)
  • Chronic Pain and Much, Much More

For over 30 years, drinking just two cups of Dr. Miller’s delicious colon cleanse tea each day has successfully helped countless individuals. Though not available in stores or advertised on TV or radio, many affectionately call it “My Miracle Tea” as it gently, effectively and affordably addresses troublesome health issues that diminish the joy of daily living. FDA regulations forbid any promises or official claims, but it’s exciting to read the testimonials of the many who use this product regularly.

It is a 100% caffeine free, organic product that contains no senna, green, black, or white tea roots or leaves. It is safe for all ages and stages, even seniors, babies and beloved pets.

“The tea just happens to be the most exquisite and comprehensive total body herbal cleanse known to man. It’s not just a tea — it’s a life saver!”
Dr. Herb Oliver, DMD

“I don’t endorse many specific products but wish to include My Miracle Detox as a wonderful example of the use of herbs that “strengthen the body and enliven the soul.” We have personally used it for seven years.”
Dr. Craig Frogley, Chiropractic Physician

Life Changing Testimonials

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“After 3 months of using the tea to help me with my extreme diverticulitis, the surgery I had been told would be necessary was canceled! My doctor was shocked!”

Lorna Phillips, Payson UT

“I originally purchased the tea for constipation and acid reflux.  Boy  it works! Amazingly, it cleared up painful canker sores too! Now I share it with family and customers at my shop.”

Daniel Driscoll, Salem NH

“At age 86, painful acid reflux and embarrassing bowel problems made it miserable to eat or leave home. A month after starting the tea I was eating and enjoying life again!”

Barbara Lee, Austin TX


Most people are unaware of the microscopic toxins that clog our bodies and every organ — toxins acquired simply from every day living in a world that is very different than it once was.  Poisons from food, medicine, detergents, pollution, plastics and more have compromised our overall health, but is reflected most often in constipation, irregularity and digestive upsets and chronic pain.

Baby Boomers have  additional challenges due to aging and all that it entails.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel younger, stronger, happier, better — naturally?  We’ve helped thousands discover a level of health and vitality they thought was impossible.

Now it’s your turn! Welcome!

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