Sluggish Colon? Clogged Rectum?
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Do You Struggle With Bowel and Stomach Distress?

  • Do you worry about fewer than 2-3 (or less) BMs per week?
  • Do you strain and push with difficult, rock-hard stools?
  • Do you suffer from poor digestion and elimination?
  • Are you embarrassed by your bathroom problems or odors?
  • Are you tired of using harsh drugs?

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Get Going With My Miracle Tea!

This powerful blend of medicinal herbs  is a colon cleanse drink to promote stomach and colon health.  Formulated by master herbalists, it’s a simple way to assist your body to

  • Flush and release impacted stool matter;
  • Soften and regulate BMs;
  • Soothe and boost the functioning of stomach/digestive organs!

My Miracle Tea® has been a favorite of countless thousands since 2008.  Our new formula is safe and effective!

It Works Successfully & Easily For

  • Seniors
  • Baby Boomers
  • Missionaries
  • IBS & Crohn's
  • Diabetics
  • All Ages
  • Cancer Patients
  • Post-Surgery Patients

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We Know How Frustrating Stomach Distress and Sluggish Bowels Can Be!

Over 10 years ago, we were using up to 11 products for stomach and colon health. They didn’t work. It was miserable. When we found this product, it changed everything!  We’ve dedicated our lives ever since to sharing My Miracle Detox and now support thousands of individuals, health professionals and business owners. Welcome!

Our Story

It Is Personally Used and Recommended By


  • Medical Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Holistic Doctors
  • Massage Therapists
  • Energy Healers
  • Nutrionists

2-week Trial Supply Only $11.95

If you’re struggling with stomach and colon problems, you need My Miracle Detox!

Have a question? Give us a call at 571-643-9295!

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The body can and will  heal itself if we are willing to address pain and discomfort as messengers.  My Miracle Detox is a product that I use personally and happily recommend for sluggish bowels, clogged colons, stomach challenges and improved wellness for all organs.  Please READ MY ARTICLE about the common problem of over-medication and why this excellent product should be seriously considered HERE.

Dr. Craig Frogley, Chiropractic Physician and Educator

At Last! An All-Natural Solution That Really Works!

100% Natural, Dependable, Non-Habit Forming

Ancient, medicinal herbs cleanse and nourish. No caffeine or senna.

Pain Free Digestion and Elimination

Impacted, rock-hard stools are replaced by daily, soft BMs. Stomach pain lessens and goes away.

Quick, Simple, and Pleasant

Just 2 cups per day balance, restore and detoxify the colon.

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What Makes My Miracle Tea So Different?

A clean colon is the foundation of health. Our modern world means that toxins from food additives, pollution, exposure to plastics, etc. build up in the body causing many common health problems, especially sluggish bowels and stomach pain.   This is a gentle, non-chemical way to cleanse and heal no just the digestive tract, but all organs and systems.

  • Heals instead of masking symptoms
  • Not another chemical or embarrassing procedure
  • Tasty. affordable, gentle … and works fast!
  • Simple to use at home or away


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Here’s How To Get Started:

Order The Product

Click the button below to order! A 2-week trial is only $11.95 and you can even order two of them for a full 4-week trial! Of course, it's fully guaranteed.

Use Daily

Start with 2 cups and adjust as necessary. We'll provide plenty of easy-to-follow instructions for getting started.

Reclaim Your Life!

Many people experience remarkable results within the first few days and weeks! Your My Miracle Tea journey will be unique to you, and we'll be here to help you with information and personal contact if necessary.

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So, What’s The Cost?

Financially, your investment is less than a $1 a day to use and experience the benefits My Miracle Tea!

The real cost should be measured in what’s NOT happening for you without it!  How much are impacted, sluggish bowels affecting your health, mood, productivity and comfort on a daily basis? What about expensive

  • Doctor visits and medicine?
  • Long-term  potential health problems caused by stomach and bowel distress?
  • Embarrassment and fear of accidents
  • What about important personal events and fun with family, friends and dear ones?

Order Now For $12.95

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