Do you have "Shy Bladder" or “Shy Bowel Syndrome?” (Psssst: travel, road trips, airports, school and office life are not conducive to Gastro-Intestinal Health!)

While it's not very common -- it's not UNcommon: some people (from small children to seniors) have a very difficult time urinating or pooping when there are others around, i.e. in a public restroom or away from home.

For urinary (peeing) challenges it's called "Paruresis."

For bowel movements it's called "Parcopresis."

A shy bladder or bowel can change your quality of life. It can cause problems with medical testing or procedures because it's very difficult to obtain a urine specimen. There may also be work issues if a urine test is needed for drug testing.

For both shy bladders and shy bowels, traveling on plane rides or using a restroom in a busy place like an airport can be a very difficult situation, as can everyday social situations.

Fear of peeing and pooping can affect individuals of all ages, from pre-schoolers through senior citizens. It may affect your social life and even health as some with these conditions limit essential food and drink to e to limit the number of times they need to visit the bathroom when away from home.

These are actual conditions, not a "fallacy" or something "made-up." If you or a loved one, child or grandchild are struggling with this, or avoiding going anywhere because of this, there's lots of information to help!

Here's a couple of links to get you started:

For Bowel Movement Challenges: CLICK HERE
Stop Stalling: How To Overcome Shy Bowel Syndrome CLICK HERE
For Urinary Challenges: please CLICK HERE for more information and treatment in order to more easily urinate away from home.

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