Persimmon Leaf Magic! It’s A Nutrition Boost, Blood and Capillary Strengthener, And A Help for Aging/Bruising Skin!

It's no secret that the unique ingredient which separates us from many cleansing and detox products out there is the inclusion of Persimmon Leaf (Diospyros virginiana.) Persimmon Leaf is by far the most difficult and expensive ingredient to find in sufficient, clean, bulk quantities for manufacturing, but very important for optimal results. While many of their benefits are listed below, the one that I (turning 70 in just a few weeks) am most interested in is right at the top: Our skin!

How well I remember my Mom's skin in her last 10 years. (She passed away at 95). It was tissue paper thin, so easy to tear and bruised very easily. The Tea helped so much with her digestive tract and bowels for those years that when we learned it was also helpful for aging skin, we were doubly grateful. Weak as the skin on her arms and hands was, I hate to think how bad it would have been without the Tea!

Persimmon leaves are high in fiber and they contain tannins which can help digestion. They also possess vitamin C which is not destroyed easily by heat, allowing the vitamin C to survive the brewing process.

Persimmon Leaf Magic! It’s A Nutrition Boost, Blood and Capillary Strengthener, and a Help for Aging/Bruising Skin!

Persimmon Leaf tea may work well for skin issues because it strengthens blood capillaries. In the 1980s, the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that persimmon leaf tea contains a large quantity of Vitamin C, tannins, flavonoids, rutin, choline, carotenoids, and amino acids. In addition, the tea contains: magnesium, manganese, titanium, calcium, phosphorous among others.

In Chinese Medicated Diet

While My Miracle Tea is terrific and has a strong concentration (10%) of Persimmon Leaf already, you may want to brew tea with a stronger concentration of the Persimmon Leaf by simply adding 1 tsp of crushed Persimmon leaf powder to a cup of My Miracle Tea.

You can make a soothing, healing spray by taking ½ to 1 cup of My Miracle Tea concentrate and adding some additional Persimmon Leaf tea. Drink a cup or more of the tea daily. Fill a spray bottle with cold persimmon leaf tea and use it as a cooling skin spray.

Add this special brewed My Miracle Tea with Persimmon Leaf  to aloe vera gel and apply it with sterile cotton to clean skin. Avoid applying any skin preparation or cosmetic that contains alcohol or fragrance, often made using alcohol as a preservative, because alcohol can weaken blood vessels.


Some additional benefits: Scientific research has shown that drinking persimmon leaf tea promotes a healthy metabolism. Rutin helps prevent arteriosclerosis (fragile capillaries). Flavonoids lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.

According to Japan’s “Longevity” magazine, drinking persimmon leaf tea can prevent melanoma. The tea’s health benefits generate anti-cancer and anti-influenza virus interferons.