Persimmon Leaf (Diospyros virginiana)

Persimmon leaves, which are a good source of important dietary antioxidants such as vitamin A and C and flavonoids, have been widely used as a tea in Asia, but are not a well-known or commonly used in the United States.

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Persimmon leaves are an excellent digestive aid that can help purify the liver. Purifying the liver is essential to helping the body rid itself of excess waste. As the natural detoxifier of your body, the liver can sometimes get overwhelmed with toxins. Your body can potentially hold onto waste for months or even years. There is a whole array of health issues that can be caused by having too many built-up toxins in your system. Health problems like joint pain, allergies, skin problems, and constipation are just a few of the many problems someone with an excess of waste can experience. By consuming persimmon leaf tea or a supplement, you can help cleanse the liver of those built-up toxins your body has been holding onto. You also may experience a boost of energy as sugars, processed foods, caffeine, and other types of “bad” foods are washed away.

Persimmon leaves have also been found to help control blood sugar levels for individuals with type 2 diabetes. It is the high concentration of magnesium that may be the source of the blood sugar level control.