Help For Gall Stones: Olive Oil, Lemon Juice & My Miracle Detox

I’ve had several calls recently wondering if the tea will help with gall stones.  My answer is “We’re not doctors or health pros, but we are happy to pass on the experiences of our wonderful tea friends!  We hope they’ll be helpful for you too!”

In fact, it was a story about gall stones that helped convince us of the effectiveness of the tea!  We were contacted in 2007 by a lovely lady named Sandra Matkin. She knew about our passion to provide health and weight management support and believed the tea would be of interest to us.  She was RIGHT! We are friends to this day. The tea was tremendous for her, but after several months she learned she had gallstones.  Her doctor wanted to do surgery, but she wanted to use the tea and an additional liver flush detox before that extreme measure.

We talked a few weeks ago and we both wish she had kept the exact protocol she used back in 2007.  However, in spending quite a bit of time online looking, what I have attached here is probably what she did — or very close.

She dedicated a couple of days to do it carefully and be close to the bathroom and had a grown daughter stay with her.

It’s rather detailed, so it’s probably best just to read about this at the link I’ve found.


There’s a lot of other info out there on doing a liver cleanse with olive oil and lemon juice, but this has probably the most straightforward procedure with counsel on what to look for as anything I’ve searched for for this article today.

IMPORTANT: Sandra used FRESH LEMON JUICE instead of the grapefruit and drank 4-6 glasses of tea each day.

By the end of the first day, she was passing stones.  By the end of the second, she had a pile of stones! Many of them were like tiny grains of sands, others were bigger.  All in all, it was amazing how it worked for her.

The best part is that she felt absolutely WONDERFUL! Refreshed, rejuvenated, clean and energized.  There was no need for surgery!

As always, listen to your body and say a prayer to be guided with what’s best for you.