About Us

How did we get started? With Carolyn’s Mom who was crippled with constipation and acid reflux. She was, indeed, using up to 11 products to try and get a bowel movement.  She was in pain and  sleeping as much as possible (in a fetal position) and not leaving the house because, when she finally DID go, her BMs were without warning, explosive, and an embarrassing nightmare.

Everything she ate caused intense pain.  Then along came the tea.   In 30 days, she was a different person! Eating, without pain, and with enough warning to get to the bathroom that those horrible episodes were over.  You can read her story HERE!

And we have spent the years since getting the word out about this marvelous product.

My Miracle Tea’s Mission Statement:

To bring the greatest possible health, happiness, vitality and energy to our customers through Dr. Miller’s tea and superior customer service.

We both use and have widely shared the tea since January of 2008. We are blessed to work personally and professionally with Dr. Miller, the brilliant formulator of the tea, and his wonderful staff. We speak to them several times a week as we seek to serve our tea customers and friends, and pick up your product directly from his facilities here in Jackson, Tennessee.

As a result of these long-term relationships and many customers, we have become experts on the tea, how it works and helping customers consult directly with Dr. Miller if necessary.

Your success with this product is our foremost interest and we are here to assist you and hope you will feel free to contact us!

In the summer of 2015, we relocated from Northern Virginia to Dr. Miller’s hometown in order to be closer to Dr. Miller and serve our wonderful tea friends and distributors in a better way.  Yes! We really care that much about YOU and our distributors.

More about Bob and Carolyn

We both graduated from Brigham Young University.  Bob graduated from Potomac School of Law and operated his own business, Allen Communications Research, Inc. in downtown Washington D.C. from 1991 to 2013.  In March of 2013, he retired this business to work our tea business full-time.  Thank you, Bob!  Couldn’t do it without you!  He manages the team that helps us package and ship to our wonderful tea friends each day.

Carolyn has been a health consultant and weight loss coach in the Washington, D.C. area since 1999, presenting for Weight Watchers, Fairfax County Adult Education, First Class Adult Education, and other community groups. She is the author of “60 Seconds To Weight Loss Success” (available on this site or at Amazon.com). She writes a regular healthy column entitled “Healthy Habits” for the online magazine, www.MeridianMagazine.com

Our Team Moving Forward

Together we have a combined 30+ years of professional experience that enable us in offering our tea friends the finest purchasing experience possible.  Our team of experienced professionals that help us design, package and run the business are equally committed to your health and well-being.

We are fully registered with the FDA, the Department of Agriculture and Food Safety in Tennesse, and are in 100% compliance with all government requirements to safely offer this product to you. It is interesting to note in over 25 years of sharing this product, there have never been any kind of medical or legal problems. It’s simply an outstanding, world-class product that is  formulated, manufactured and distributed by wonderful, ethical people, all in the USA.

As parents of five children and a growing number (11 and counting!) grandchildren, we know that vibrant health and energy to enjoy life and family are among God’s choicest blesssings. It is a great joy to share this product and to have helped thousands of tea friends dramatically increase their health and energy levels.

We look forward to hearing from you!  If you need a personal chat with Dr. Miller, please call us so we can arrange that for you.

Contact Information:
Business: 571-643-9295
e-mail: CarolynAllen@MyMiracleTea.com