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Osteoperosis and “Text Neck”

My mom's osteoperosis meant that could not hold her head straight up when she walked, her face pointing nearly to the ground. She was confined to bed the last five years. I remember well when her posture started to fail in her sixties at about my age. Since I have inherited that osteoperosis, I am on… >

Toxic Cookware? Yikes!

So many of us reading this newsletter are frugal senior citizens.  I urge all of us to take a good look at our own cookware and see if it's as safe as we think it is after watching the videos and reading the info below. After all, if we spend our money on quality natural… >

I wrote up about the health benefits of pumpkin seeds for a newsletter last October.  You can easily google for more info.  We have been eating a tablespoon or so since writing that article. Now for today ... who doesn't remember the Chia pet commercials.  What a catchy jingle!  Somebody made a fortune on that… >

Veggie Steamers: A True BFF

The big take-aways for health is that a veggie steamer cooks without any fats, and unlike boiling, the veggies don't get water-logged so they taste and look better.  They retain their colors, nutrients and flavors beautifully as this is a much gentler way to cook them.  You can see them cooking in the clear steamer basket and easily choose… >

Fecal Impaction 101: Symptoms And Deadly Potential Results

Fecal impaction (FI) is a state of prolonged constipation. It occurs when the stool is so hard -- and often so large -- that it cannot pass with a normal, spontaneous bowel movement.  According to a study done by NIH: FI causes pressure on the colon and may cause "isschemia"  -- an inadequte blood supply to the… >

My Miracle Tea and Colonoscopies (Part 1)

If the test doesn't find adenomas or cancer and you don't have risk factors for the disease, your chance of developing it is low for the next ten years. Your colon will be unusually clean after using My Miracle Tea, but you will still need to follow the prepatory procedures that your doctor will provide. There is a less… >