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Osteoporosis at

I subscribe to the excellent information for osteoporosis at, a foundation specifically for those with osteoporosis.  Here is their founder, Vivian Goldschmidt MA: "Our thoughts and ideas about our health have a measurable impact on our physiology, according to a study published in the journal Nature. The results of the study give credence to the… >

Pumpkin Chowder and Pumpkin  Muffin  Recipes + Important Pumpkin-"Information" Lohre, a very special friend from my Weight Watcher Leader days in the 90's and through 2004, who stayed in touch through my newsletters and lovin' the tea for seasonal allergies, called me recently to order tea and request a recipe. Oh, those fun meetings where I had costumes, songs, skits… >

Children + Constipation = Stomach Aches, Fear + Embarrassment Three Suggestions To Help You and Your Little Ones Now I've done some reading this week on children and constipation, and this is what I've learned: According to Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology: “Constipation in children is an often long-lasting pediatric functional gastrointestinal disorder with a worldwide prevalence varying between… >

Instant Pots Equal Fast, Easy, Delicious and Healthy!

Instant Pots Equal Fast, Easy, Delicious and Healthy! Bob's mom couldn't make a meal, he says, without her pressure cooker. So we also had one early on in our marriage ... but that, as you know from last week, is over 35 years ago! Who knows what happened to it, but now there's something even… >

The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)  CLICK HERE to see the book itself on Amazon The full article with some spiritual perspectives was published this morning at Meridian Magazine. If you'd like to read that online just CLICK HERE. Below is a Reader's Digest condensed version :0) The author, at… >

Nutritional Deficiency, Emotions and Mood Disorders

Nutritional Deficiency, Emotions and Mood Disorders About a year and a half ago I was contacted by Dr. Maria Boldry in Colorado.  She is a marvelous healer and naturopathic doctor that we were eventually able to meet in person last year.  She, like Dr. Miller, has created several very unique and very effective herbal products… >