Dr. Andrew Weil and Healthy Aging: Asleep in 60 SecondsWith The “4-7-8” Breathing Technique

Dr. Andrew Weil is a respected (and enjoyable to learn from) expert in the field of aging. We very much enjoyed his hour long video from Netflix called “Dr. Weil’s Guide To Healthy Aging” that first aired on PBS. Though it’s a little older itself now (produced in 2006) the core information will never change: the ball for how we manage diet, exercise, sleep and a healthy attitude is in our court! No doctor or family member is going to do it for us!

One of the things we were most interested in the video was a breathing technique. The “how-to” details were not included there — only the benefits for sleep, digestion and improved organ functioning.

Good news! It’s easy to find Dr. Andrew Weil through Google and Youtube!  The interesting article below includes this breathing technique video and it’s all WELL WORTH spending 5 minutes to learn it, then incorporate it each day.

There’s a great article summarizing it RIGHT HERE, which includes the video in the middle of the article

(Or Paste In: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324417)

OR: You can go straight to his Youtube and video demonstration RIGHT HERE.  He explains the benefits below which include getting to sleep quickly, better digestion, stress management, help with hypertension and more at the end of the video.

PLUS: If you need a good laugh, the comments section is pretty funny!

I hope you’ll spend a few minutes and think about incorporating this into your life.

NOTE: When my Mom started with the tea, way back in 2008, she was also doing the OXYCISE exercises.  The tea worked incredibly well for her, and later we learned from a lymphologist that DEEP BREATHING is extremely beneficial for flushing toxins. The two together, the tea and the deep breathing, is a magical combination.

Well, that’s plenty to think about and put into play this week! We hope you are well and hanging in there! It’s a pretty stressful world these days and any way we can find to sleep and feel peaceful is worth its weight in gold!