ave Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas eBook Download

Back in 2006, before we had the tea to share, my primary online focus and work was online weight loss coaching after many years as a successful Weight Watchers leader.

I wrote several eBooks and one of my favorites was one just for Christmas and getting through the holidays with your pants still fitting by January 1. “Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas” is based on all the fun in those December Weight Watcher meetings — including the weight loss Christmas carols I created.

Note: I put this little book together back in 2006 long before Bob and I made the transition to a primarily “whole-food plant-based” diet (thank you www.forksoverknives.com) and lifestyle in 2014.  But, no matter … the things in this little book are all about focus and mindset for a healthy holiday.  Truly, what could matter more in 2020?

It’s fun, helpful and filled with stories, poems, weight loss Christmas carols, printable affirmations, etc.

I hope you’ll read and find one or two things there that will make a difference over the next couple of weeks! Have a fun, safe and healthy holiday season!