Here’s a Game Changer

I was with a long-time friend last night. Although she’s extremely knowledgeable and mindful of her own personal health and diet, she was super-excited to tell me that her husband, after many years of no interest, had enthusiastically joined her in abandoning meat and dairy products.

What changed his mind after many years of definitely NOT giving up his steaks?

An award-winning persuasive video on Netflix starring none other than Arnold Schwarznegger!  The video presents the astonishing fact that PLANT-BASED eating is the diet of the original Roman Gladiators! And how HE, this celebrated athlete, eats!

You can watch the trailer to GAME CHANGERS here:
Youtube Trailer.  It is available on NETFLIX and Amazon Prime.

Bob and I excited to watch it.  No one has to convince us of the power of whole-food plant-based, but oh, how enlightening and helpful it is to see these professionally done videos. It’s also amazing to witness others discover and share this ancient eating plan that reverses modern day heart disease and creates super-star athletes.

We have no need to become competitive athletes, but if this eating plan provides adequate nourishment and strength for them, then it begs the question: What will this do to nurture our own bodies, as average Joes and Janes, to help us manage not just today, but the years ahead of us? It’s time to find out!

Of course, an excellent regular detox is part of any healthy regime and we have many a body-builder, professional and semi-pro athlete who LOVES the tea and what it does for the human body!

Then check out “Game Changers” on Netflix :0)