Help For Hair, Skin and Nails

The Tea for Health … Yes, but BEAUTY?
Help For Hair, Skin and Nails

Plus Our Fat Burner For Hair, Skin and Nails!

HAIR: Although our own hair is thicker than we know what to do with (we hear about it every time we get a haircut and attribute it to our health and the Tea), I learned from Dr. Miller that it’s also helpful as a hair conditioner and even as a dry shampoo!

One of the hair stylists in his town actually spritzes her customers’ hair with the Tea after shampooing and massages it into the roots and scalp.  Some of those customers get the hint and buy it to treat their hair at home and are thrilled with the improved health/beauty of their hair.

Hey! That’s an easy trick for us to follow!

It’s also excellent as a dry shampoo:  When you don’t have time for a full shampoo but your hair needs a quick boost, just put some concentrate on a cotton ball or tissue and wipe down your hair. Voila!

SKIN: We’ve mentioned many times how helpful the Tea is for burns, wounds, etc. Just put the concentrate on a cotton ball and gently swab the affected area.  How does it work? It draws out toxins topically as well as internally and it also nourishes the skin.

So it makes perfectly good sense that it’s equally excellent as an ASTRINGENT after washing your face! Just put some on a cotton ball and gently wipe.

It’s soothing and cooling as a mask as well.  You can also use the concentrate to add to other ingredients, (i.e., pureed cucumbers and or avocado,) for a face mask and let it really strut it’s stuff! I’ll have to do a little research and come up with some mask recipes!

NAILS: Karen, one of our long-time Tea friends, told me about her finger nails and getting rid of a really ugly fungus she acquired one summer after extensive yard and garden work preparing for a wedding reception at their home.  “It was SO ugly! I hated for people to see my hands!” 

She tried for 5-7 years to get rid of it with prescriptions, supplements, etc.  In the end she resorted to acrylic nails.  After several years of that, her nail technician said, “Enough! You gotta take a break!” And removed the acrylic nails.

Well, lo and behold, she had started drinking the Tea 2-3 months before this (and had also been faithful with the digestive tonic of the 1 tsp. baking soda mixed in 1/4 cup of vinegar once a day listed in the instructions).  Beautiful nails were growing in!  Lovely, pretty and strong!

Another senior friend who bought the Tea for digestive issues called one day to say “Who would think in my late 70’s that I’d finally have
pretty nails?”

Shari in Utah also reported to me that a toenail fungus vanished after several months on the Tea. What’s not to love?


These sweet gals were NOT putting the Tea on their nails, just drinking it.  Further reports, however from other friends say their nails THRIVE with gently wiping some tea on them morning and evening, and love how it helps eliminate fungus embedded in the nails.



Our Fat Burner For Health Hair, Skin and Nails

Another thing that we have that is SUPER helpful for hair, skin and nails is our liver cleanse/fat burner capsules!  Although its primary function is to break down fat stored in the liver and transport it out of the body, it has a lot of other benefits for overall health.

I can tell when I’m regularly using the fat burners because your skin starts to glow. It’s so nice! The special ingredient that helps with that is CHOLINE which also plays a vital role in brain and nerve functioning.

lt also boosts the health and function of the bladder, kidneys, liver and pancreas. Choline is good for healthy hair and prevents thinning hair and baldness.

The fat burners also include INOSITOL that is super helpful for nourishing healthy, beautiful hair.


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