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Osteoperosis, Fosomax Dangers & Helpful Natural Alternatives

If osteoperosis is part of life for you or a loved one, I really hope you'll check out the resources below. I have personally had osteoperosis for many years, but thankfully NO BREAKS!  Here are my sources, and my story is below: 1) We moved to Tennesee in 2015 where my first doctor here was… >

Magnesium: The Missing Link for Health & Calcium

Today's article highlights the incredible importance of magnesium. Some call it "the missing link." For those of us with osteoporosis challenges, this is a must read! Today's article includes a nifty little eBook that will explain it all!

A recent trip to the Farmers Market and a conversation with a vendor whose son has a brain cancer led her to a closer look at everything we eat and drink ... including bottled water! Bottled water is such a way of life for most of us that we don't even think about it! But we should , especially after the things I've learned and watched. YIKES!

Soda-Free At Last!

   We know what to do! The tea is DELICIOUS as a summertime drink with lemon and the sweetner of your choice and lots of ice! It's perfect for helping with cravings too. Scroll down to the very bottom of this newsletter for some other healthy summer drink options. here is how naturopathic doctor Kristen… >

Digestion Time: Quick Test To Check Yours!

Proper digestion and elimination is so important. But did you know that you can test your digestion to see if you're on track or could use a little help? Find out how to do this simple test yourself - at home! >

Diet Soda Before & After

Many people drink soda on a regular basis. Some people even have many sodas a day! But do you really know what soda does to your body and your brain? When you find out, you just might think twice about drinking another one! >